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MONTH OF APRIL 1915  April 25, 1915 Saunders, Raymond A. 6th Battery,  2nd Artillery Brigade CFA (died in Battle of St. Julien) 1916 April 11, 1916 Crosby, Keith B. 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) April 14, 1916 Dunphy, Lawrence 25 Battalion (killed in action - Battle of the Craters) April 27, 1916 Steele, Eleazer (Elezer) 25th Battalion  1917 April 4, 1917 Hersey, Frank 8th Canadian Siege Battery, Canadian Garrison Artillery (killed in action) April 4, 1917 Moses, George Melbourne 85th Battalion April 4, 1917 Ewan, Thayne M. Canadian Engineers Training Depot (died at Military Hospital, St. John’s Quebec) April 9, 1917 d'Entremont, William R. 112th Battalion/25th Battalion (also William R; (killed in action, France) April 9, 1917 Walsh, J. Clarence 219th Battalion/42nd Battalion (wounded and missing; name also spelled “Welsh”) April 9, 1917 Stingel, Charles E. 3rd Battalion (killed in action) April 9, 1917 Jack Merritt Wheaton 85th Battalion (killed in action) April 10, 1917 Panell, Chester No. 2 Construction Battalion (died in Stanley Auxiliary Hospital, Liverpool; illness) April 10, 1917 Giles, James Henry 13th Battalion (killed in action) April 11, 1917 Spates, Vernell 42nd Battalion (wounded April 9, 1917) April 18, 1917 Williams, J. Lewis Canadian Machine Gun Corps (6th Machine Gun Company) (killed in action) April 19, 1917 Kehoe, Donald Canadian Machine Gun Corps (6th Machine Gun Company) (killed in action) April 28, 1917 Kinney, Frank F. 25th Battalion April 28, 1917 Goodwin, Robert L. 25th Battalion (killed in action, Vimy) April 29, 1917 Goodwin, Merton H. 25th Battalion (killed in action, Vimy) April 29, 1917 Murree, Gordon S. 25th Battalion ((killed in action) April 29, 1917 Hemeon, Carl 112th Battalion/25th Battalion (killed in action) April 29, 1917 Lewis, Eugene M. 64th Battalion/25th Battalion (killed in action) April 29. 1917 Long, T. Harold 112th Battalion/25th Battalion April 29, 1917 Muise, John Alfred  (Listed in Official Records as Muese, Alfred Joseph) 25th Battalion April 30, 1917 Allen, A. Spencer 18th Battalion/ 9th Squadron Royal Flying Corps. 1918 April 3, 1918 McGray, Benjamin H. 15th Reserve Battalion (died in hospital Aldershot, England; illness) April 3, 1918 Price, Kenneth 10th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops April 6, 1918 Robbins, Joseph 1st Depot Battalion (died of illness Halifax) April 9. 1918 Amirault (Amiro), Landry Recruit (died of illness Halifax) April 22, 1918 Roberts, Howard Lee 1st Depot Battalion, Halifax, N.S.