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MONTH OF AUGUST 1916 August 1, 1916 Saunders, Clarence B. 25th Battalion (wounded on July 30) August 5, 1916 Pothier, Walter 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) 1917  August 3, 1917 Crosby, Charles E. (enlisted as Charles Edward Muise) 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) August 15, 1917 Weddleton, Walter F. 25th Battalion (killed in action) August 16, 1917 Rogers, R. Lindsay 25 Battalion August 25, 1917 Jeffery, Clement C. 194th Battalion (Alberta) 49th Battalion (killed in action, Hill 70) 1918   August 5, 1918 McLaughlin, Horace J. Canadian Field Artillery; 2nd Brigade; 6th Battery (twice wounded in battle; died in military hospital Etaples, France; illness) August 8, 1918 Holly, James Walter 25th Battalion (killed in action) August 9, 1918 Allen, Trueman M. 85th Battalion August 10, 1918 Gates, F. Roy 219th Battalion/47th Battalion  (Killed in Action, France) August 10, 1918 Greenough, John R. 6th Howitzer, 5th Brigade Can.Field Artillery (also known as Greenoe) (died of wounds) August 16, 1918 Saulnier, Irwin C. 119th Battalion/85th Battalion (wounded August 10, 1918 at Amiens) August 26, 1918 Harris, Louis 3rd Canadian Machine Company/ Canadian Army Medical Corps (killed in action) August 26, 1918 Hatfield, George W. 119th Battalion/RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) (killed in action) August 27, 1918 Muise, John R. 25th Battalion August 27, 1918 Ricker, James A. RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment)