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MONTH OF OCTOBER 1915 October 15, 1915 Hersey, Adelbert 25 Battalion  1916 October 1, 1916 Robinson, Richard B. 25th Battalion  October 1, 1916 Giles, Matthew 25th Battalion (killed in action) October 6, 1916 Delaney, Hiram F. 25th Battalion  October 11, 1916 Bain, Joseph G. 2nd Battalion (Ontario) (wounded two week earlier) 1917 October 9, 1917 Burgess, Arthur 5th Battalion, Canadian Siege Artillery  October 15, 1917 Smith, Thomas Willard 24th Battalion October 21, 1917 Porter, Clayton 3rd Canadian Railway Troops (Listed as “Pothier, Cryste C.” on the Yarmouth Monument) October 23, 1917 Borden, Adelbert J. 12 Canadian Mounted Rifles (became ill in England; died at Yarmouth NS) October 23, 1917 Smith, Frederick 10th Canadian Railway Troops (killed in action) October 26, 1918 McDonnell, Robert 144th Battalion (Royal Winnipeg Rifles) October 30, 1917 Clements, Simon 85th Battalion (killed at Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Crowell, Jonathan 85th Battalion (Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Doucette, Simon 219th Battalion/85th Battalion (killed at Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Woolard, Edwin 85th Battalion (wounded and missing at Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Moses, William S. 85th Battalion October 30, 1917 Rogers, Frank S. RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) 1918 October 1, 1918 Andrews, Alexander Carl United States Navy   October 1, 1918 Chisholm, Colin F. 10th Canadian Railways Troops (died of accidental injuries France)   October 1, 1918 Muise, Arthur RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) October 1, 1918 Williams, Charles Henry 140th Battalion / Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry October 4, 1918 Jeffery, Joseph B. 85th Battalion (died of wounds October 8, 1918 Amirault, Ernest J. 65th Battalion/1st Canadian Trench Mortar Battery October 9, 1918 Cann, James A. Fort Garry Horse   October 10, 1918 Doucette, Anthony 25th Battalion (wounded France) October 12, 1918 Smith, Robert Leslie 4th Middlesex Regiment, D Company 14th Platoon October 14, 1918 Suttie, J. Harold 10th Siege Battery 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery 4th Siege Battery 3rd Brigade; Canadian Garrison Artillery October 18, 1918 Fitzgerald, Robert Emmet U.S. Army, Quartermaster Corps, Railway Division  October 21, 1918 Harding, V. Lawrence 1st Depot Battalion, Nova Scotia October 21, 1918 Muise, Peter Canadian Forestry Corps (died in No 7 General Hospital, Le Treport; illness) October 22, 1918 Withycombe, Keith Dalston Royal Field Artillery “D” Battery 51st Brigade; October 27, 1918 Higby, Ivan V 101st Infantry Regiment, 26th Division (killed in action) October 28, 1918 Farish, George Collins  25th Battalion/40th Battalion   October 31, 1918 Johnson, Fred Louis 17th Reserve Battalion