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Remembering WWII Nova Scotia Casualties
Anthony, Edmond McLellan Armstrong, Howard Woodlow Beaton, Douglas Angus Beaton, John Angus Bellefontaine, Lawrence Frederick Bickle, Frederick Bond, Carl Rufus Boudreau, Richard Joseph Boutilier, Burnham Edward Boyd, Alexander Brown, Ernest Macpherson Brown,William Eben Buchanan, George Allan Buchanan, Kenneth Purdy Burke, Abraham Bernard Callin, William Edward Carr, William Borden Cavanagh, Peter Allister Colford, Lorne Mart Comeau, Joseph Ambroise Comeau, Joseph Denis Creelman, James Iverson Crook, Franklin Joseph Cross, Richard Earl Cunningham, Belton La Forrest Dash, Karl Evans Davis, William George Earle, Thomas Irvine Fife, Donald Mayford Fougere, Joseph Gerald Grant, William Howard Hamilton, Merle Vincent Hartling, Everett Emmerson Harvey, Robert Cecil Hill, Edwin Hodder, Murray Albert Hubbard, Paul Henry Hyson, Ronald Victor Johnson, Gordon Frederick Johnson, Lorimer Lee Langille, Ira Charles Lucas, Lawrence Edward MacKenzie, Donald Charles MacLean, Gus MacLean, Neil Roderick MacLennan, Colin Robinson MacLeod, Joseph Taylor Marsh, Lewis Wilkieson Marshall, Olen Byron McKinnon, John Charles McLellan, Hector Daniel Mills, Richard Bruce Mombourquette, Frank Mosher, Sydney Guy Moulins, Joseph Paul Muirhead, Howard Hector Mulcahy, Francis Leslie Murphy, James Gordon Murray, Lloyd William Murray, John James Murray, James Gordon Nearing, Joseph Aloysius Nicholson, William Allen O'Handley, Aloysius Joseph O'Neil, Edward Henry Penny, Vincent Poirier, George Poulin, Joseph Olivier Bernard Purcell, Arthur Francis Raney, Richard Joseph Richard, Edmund Sylvester Richard, Louis Graham Ringer, Brenton Leroy Robicheau, Joseph Edmond Robicheau, Percy James Rogers, Frederick Erven Sampson, Edmund Smith, Frederick Isiah Smith, Horace Mansley Spidle, Ford Hilton Thomas, Robert Bernard Winsa, Gustof Evald
Nova Scotian Casualties of WWII buried in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands.
Each Christmas Eve the school children from the town of Deventer, in the Netherlands light candles and place them on the graves in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery. 2018 will be the 27th year of this remembrance initiative. As the daylight fades, the entrance gates are open for the arrival of the children, each carrying a lighted candle. Footsteps pass between the grave markers and each child quietly moves throughout the vast cemetery to place a glowing candle before a grave. Before long, the landscape glows in a brilliant golden hue across the ground and reflects upward on the names of the one thousand three hundred and fifty-five Canadians, the thirty-six British, the two Australians, and the one Belgian, men who have rested here for some seventy years. Among these are the gravestone of one hundred and five casualties from Nova Scotia.
Photo: Frans van Cappellen Christmas Eve 2009, Holten Canadian War Cemetery
Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands