Nursing sisters from No. 10 Canadian General Hospital, Arromanches, France, July 1944.
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ere was perhaps nothing more terrifying for a pilot, a navigator, and a telegraphist air gunner, on a training flight out of East Camp, RCAF Station Yarmouth to become lost in fog off south western Nova Scotia.
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In 2012, Wartime Heritage began researching those from our local community of Yarmouth Town and County of Nova Scotia who’s names appear on the Yarmouth Cenotaph and prepared web pages for each individual.  In 2014, as a World War I Centenary Initiative, the Association began to identity  individuals with connections to Yarmouth Town and County who served during World War I.   At present, the list contains over 1,500 men and women.  Information in Remembering World War I is updated regularly. If you know of someone missing from our list or you recognize any of the existing names, we encourage you to please share photos, letters, and memories with us so we may include them in the collection.
The Association has identified 152 casualties of individuals connected to Yarmouth Town and County in the Second World War. Over the years, the Association has collected information on each casualty  from sources that include the American Battle Monuments Commission, the Books of Remembrance in Ottawa, the Canadian Virtual War Memorial (Veterans Affairs), the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the 117 names on the Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial, and other local sources.   Nova Scotia Casualties Casualties WWII - Yarmouth Town and County       World War II Deaths by Month, Day, and Year  Yarmouth Military Service - WWI Battalions
Korean War The Korean War section of the website contains information on the casualties and wounded from Yarmouth Town and County.  Nova Scotia Casualties - Korean War
Telegraphist Air Gunners Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, has a unique connection to the Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGs) Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy of World War II.  Of the three thousand TAGs trained, five hundred seventy completed their training in Yarmouth at RCAF Station Yarmouth - East Camp. Over the years Wartime Heritage has maintained a connection with Telegraphist Air Gunners who served in World War II and the Association has attended Memorial Services in England at Lee-on-Solent on a number of occasions. Wartime Heritage has attempted to collect as much information as possible on TAGS and continues to update the website. The site contains articles, stories, and photos.  Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
Wartime Heritage - YouTube Channel Wartime Heritage has shared the songs and stories of the war years with audiences across Nova Scotia, and in England. View our Wartime Heritage videos   YouTube Channel     
Wartime Heritage - Facebook Page Wartime Heritage maintains a Facebook page with stories, articles, and photos relating to wartime history.  
440 Productions  440 Productions - Remembrance Initiatives Public presentations  of wartime stage musicals and videos.
The Wartime Heritage Association is a volunteer non- profit organization committed to remembering  wartime heritage and history.  
Remembering World War II Nova Scotia Casualties - July 1942  Wilson, Ernest George Flight Sergeant, 214 RAF Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force July 3, 1942  Mosher, Paul Darby Pilot Officer, 58 RAF Squadron    Royal Canadian Air Force   July 10, 1942    Campbell, Frederick Yorston Warrant Officer Class II , 91 RAF Squadron  Royal Canadian Air Force July 15, 1942  Paine, John Ernest Greaser, SS Gloucester Castle, Merchant Navy July 15, 1942  Young, Donald William McKay Lance Bombardier Royal Canadian Artillery July 15, 1942  Di Persio, Querino Flight Sergeant, 601 Squadron, RAF Royal Canadian Air Force July 16, 1942  Thibault, Emile Joseph Private. Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps July 19, 1942  Nickerson, Osborne Victor Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force July 23, 1942  Chiasson, John Charles Flight Sergeant, 207 RAF Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force July 24, 1942  White, Roy Victor Signalman Royal Canadian Corps of Signals July 24, 1942  Fitzgerald, John Chisholm Flight Sergeant, 15 RAF Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force July 26, 1942  Ross, Douglas MacRae Flight Sergeant, 35 RAF Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force July 26, 1942  Smith, Ray Branton Pilot Officer, 106 RAF Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force July 26, 1942  Macaulay, John Walter Sergeant, 405 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force July 27, 1942  Penney, William Alfred Flight Sergeant, 149 RAF Squadron  Royal Canadian Air Force July 27, 1942  Swansburg, Arthur Douglas Flight Sergeant, 405 Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force July 27, 1942  Burton, Joseph Fireman, SS Prescodoc (Fort William) Canadian Merchant Navy July 29, 1942  Chiasson, William Deck Hand, SS Prescodoc (Fort William) Canadian Merchant Navy July 29, 1942  Mullins, James Doran Pilot Officer, 9 RAF Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force July 29, 1942  Le Blanc, Ernest Joseph Flight Sergeant, 149 RAF Squadron Royal Canadian Air Force July 30, 1942 All Nova Scotia Casualties World War II Nova Scotia Casualties - Monthly Index 1942
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added June 23, 2017
Remembering  Norman Monchier August 19, 1942 Pilot Officer Royal Canadian Air Force 403 Squadron An Instructor wrote: “Very good student, most youthful member of the class, gives impression of keenness and alertness, very promising young man …”
The Spirit of Wings He did not seek the acclaim of his fellows, this unassuming and gallant young gentleman who has winged into the Western sunset He did not reason why. These boys of Canada have been called brave and smiling.  They are both. But we have known them to be youths of sweet tender courage, living up to  tradition that has ever possessed their souls, and now come to its full measure, winging its path of freedom across the skies. And now we do not mourn, but rather do we rejoice for the life he lived here among us from day to day. He was one of us, his manly courage, his example of bravery and sacrifice, his fortitude will ever remain an inspiration to those he has left. His deems may not be graven on  tablets of bronze or marble, but will forever be inscribed in the hearts of his friends.  The staff of this newspaper will join with other Yarmouth citizens today in saying to the family of Douglas Dunn “Be strong and of good heart.  He was a great and gallant lad.  The flight into the setting sun was the triumph of his youth and his spirit remains in the earth.”
Remembering:  Charles Douglas Dunn Flight Sergeant Royal Canadian Air Force 408 Squadron Killed in action March 27, 1942
Remembering:  Reginald Woof Pilot Officer Royal Canadian Air Force 156 RAF Squadron Killed in Action August 1, 1942
 Salutes To Victory Summer Season ‘87 at Th’YARC The Legacy of Salutes To Victory While it was hoped that the season would be the first of an ongoing summer theatre with a wartime theme keeping alive the rich wartime heritage of Yarmouth Town and County, such was not to be.  However, the success of the summer season wartime musicals led to the creation of 440 Productions and Wartime Heritage … The Wartime Heritage Association extends best wishes to the cast and crew as they come together for a thirty-year reunion this July.