Wartime Heritage The Wartime Heritage Association is committed to remembering our wartime heritage and history, honouring the Veterans who returned, and remembering the fallen. 440 Productions Stage and Video Production Initiatives of the Wartime Heritage Association The Association changed its name from 440 Productions Association to the Wartime Heritage Association in 2007 to better reflect the remembrance work the group does. To view the history and detail our stage and video productions click the 440 Productions link on the navigation bar 
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The Wartime Heritage Association is a proud member of the First World War Centenary Partnership Programme The First World War Centenary Partnership is led by the Imperial War Museum; a vibrant global initiative of cultural events and activities, and on- line resources, connecting current and future generations with the lives, stories and impact of the First World War. Across the world, nations, communities and individuals of all ages will come together to mark, commemorate and remember the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War.
Do you have a relative from Yarmouth Nova Scotia who served in the First World War? Those Who Served (1914-1918) The Wartime Heritage Association has now published  "Those Who Served 1914 -1918" on-line; a working list  of men and women of Yarmouth Nova Scotia who  served during World War I.   This project is the cornerstone of the  Association's First World War Centenary remembrance  initiatives.  Many hours of volunteer time have gone into the  historical research to create a detailed list of all those  from the Town and County of Yarmouth who served for  this online publication, as well as the supporting  database with additional details on each individual.  Included on that list, Wartime Heritage has  identified 170 individuals from Yarmouth who died  during the war; each with profiles telling their stories.  One of the discoveries the research uncovered were the  seven men with connections to Yarmouth who died  during the war and whose names were not engraved on  the Yarmouth War Memorial when it was completed in  1923. With no living Veterans of World War I left in  Canada or abroad, the oral histories from relatives, the  photographs, the letters home and the archival  documentation such as their original wartime sign-up  (attestation) papers enable us to learn about "Those  Who Served". If you know of someone missing from our list or  you recognize any of the existing names, we encourage  you to please share photos, letters and memories with  us so we may include them in the collection.  Contact Us Wartime Heritage is a proud partner of the First  World War Centenary Partnership Program by the  Imperial War Museum. The Partnership led by Imperial  War Museum is a growing network of over 3,000 not-for-  profit organizations from 50 countries planning to mark  the Centenary.
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