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Background to World War I (1914-1918) 112th Battalion WWI Wartime Connection Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Arthur William Hood World War I
Letters From the Front February 3, 1916 Charles E Stingel
85th Battalion  1916-1918
Letters from the Front December, 1915 Keith Bruce Crosby
Letters from the Front July 14, 1916  Arthur William Hood Emmett Bernard McLeod 85th Battalion  (Nova Scotia Regiment)
Life in the Trenches Letters of Private James Ricker Yarmouth, Nova Scotia St. James Cemetery Dover, England
The Mystery of  Thomas D. Crowell Yarmouth Memorial
The Amazing Truce:  Christmas in the Trenches Canadian Convalescent Hospital Uxbridge Photo Collection and History The Battle of Vimy Ridge (Brief description and photos) "Stretcher Bearer. Two Men Hit"  Battle of Courcelette “The Destruction of Arras"     (Photos) Lee Blackadar:  Searching for his Story by Ruth Kirk, Ottawa, Ontario "Killed in the Trenches of WWI"  (Letters and Photos) "Remembering Vimy Ridge"  (History and Photos) Battle of St. Julien 24 April – 4 May 1915 “The Story of Two Soldiers”
Photos from World War I Yarmouth, N.S. Canada Sergeant Herbert Cunningham 1891-1982 "Wounded on the Battlefield"  Private Thomas Willard Smith 24th Battalion Photos From the Front August 1916 Battle of the Somme - 1916 Through the Lens of  the Camera Timeline World War I Remembering Caleb Goodwin  by Gwen Guiou Trask, CG (C) Remembering Earle R. Miller A Voyage from Halifax to England Remembering Earle R. Miller A 7-day pass to London Remembering Earle R. Miller Return to Canada “Somewhere in the Atlantic     Ocean on the Troopship” “Remembering  My Brother”    Alfred J, Muise Remembering    Gunner James Lewis Kemp
Remembering Archie Lorrey, Driver 5th Divisional Ammunition Column
Private Amos Hilton Forbes Battle of Mount Sorrel June, 1916
Through the Camera Lens  Photos from the Front July 1917 added July 19, 2017
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Remembering Vimy Ridge - Four Cunningham cousins from Cape Sable Island at Vimy Ridge by Mike Cunningham The Youngest Recruits Yarmouth Town and County 1914-1918   added January 14, 2018 15 Year Old Recruits Yarmouth Town and County 1914-1918   added January 20, 2018 165th Battalion Yarmouth Connections 1914-1918   added March 1, 2018 85th Battalion Yarmouth Connections 1914-1918   added March 10, 2018