Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
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Yarmouth,   Nova   Scotia,   has   a   unique   connection   to   the   Telegraphist Air   Gunners   (TAGs)   Fleet Air Arm,   Royal   Navy   of   WW   II.         Of the   three   thousand   TAGs   trained,   five   hundred   seventy   completed   their   training   in   Yarmouth   at   RCAF   Station   Yarmouth   -   East   Camp         Telegraphist   Air   Gunners,   (TAGS)   of   the   Fleet   Air   Arm,   Royal   Navy   were   trained   in   Gosport,   England   and   Yarmouth,   Nova   Scotia, during   World   War   II.      Courses   45A   to   71A   began   in   Yarmouth,   Nova   Scotia   however,   in   early   1945   when   it   became   apparent   the   war was   coming   to   a   close,   courses   were   discontinued.      The   Telegraphist Air   Gunner   provided   communications   by   Morse   code   and   manned the   rear   gun   of   the   aircraft.      495   Telegraphist   Air   Gunners   were   lost   through   enemy   action   and/or   flying   accidents.   69   became Prisoners of War.