440   Productions   obtained   its   name   from   the   coding   for   the   high   school   course   where   it   began   in 1992:   English   440   at   Yarmouth   Consolidated   Memorial   High   School,   in   Yarmouth   Nova   Scotia, Canada. Between   1992   and   2008   twenty-three   stage   and   video   presentations   reflected   wartime   themes   and were   designed   not   only   to   teach   military   and   wartime   history   but   the   many   lessons   which   can   be learned   from   examining   the   challenges   faced   by   ordinary   men   and   women   who   served   their country during the years of conflict. The   stories   and   shows   were   all   based   in   reality;   they   came   from   real   stories   and   events   as   told   by Veterans   themselves,   war   brides,   and   civilians   who   lived   through   the   war   years.   The   director   and the   participants   compiled   the   research   over   the   years   and   these   stories   were   gathered   through interviews and meetings with local Veterans, war records, books, and other publications.   Those   involved   gained   the   perspective   of   what   earlier   generations   of   men   and   women   experienced during   the   war   years.   The   cast   and   crew   learned   to   balance   the   feelings   of   pride   and   sense   of accomplishment   in   tackling   these   projects   with   the   burden   and   sense   of   responsibility   that   in   large part are to honour the very real contributions of Veterans. The   research   of   war   time   daily   life,   the   songs,   the   uniforms   and   the   period   costumes,   indeed   the attention   to   detail   in   every   aspect   of   the   show,   highlighted   what   these   things   represented   to   the actual   Veterans   and   families   that   lived   through   World   War   I,   World   War   II,   and   Korea.   The   military uniforms and costumes used were authentic and date from the wartime period. There   were   few   subjects   related   to   the   war   years   that   440   Productions   and   Wartime   Heritage   did   not   tackle.      For      filming shoots   of      the   various   war   themed   movies   and   for   the      stage   productions,   the   history   of   the   wartime   years   was   recreated.     Through   research,   the   Association      presented   stories   and   music   honouring   the   courage   of   ordinary   men   and   women   during wartime.      From   basic   training   and   the   home   front   to   a   Jewish   home   in   Poland   and   the   death   camps;   from   the   pubs   of   England and   the   cliffs   of   Dover   to   the   disaster   at   Dieppe,   the   fall   of   Hong   Kong   and   battlefields   of   Europe;   from   the   internment   of Japanese   Canadians   to   the   romance   and   tragedy   of   war;   the Association      presented   a   series   of   stories   of   bravery   and   courage from World War II. Many of the stories examined the struggles faced by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and civilians during wartime, and included: the Wartime History of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Basic Training Camp 60 (Canadian Infantry) East Camp (Yarmouth NS) - Telegraphist Air Gunner Training West Camp (Yarmouth NS) HMCS Chebogue The Channel Dash Dunkirk Dieppe D-Day, Normandy Battle at Caen (Canadians) Canadian Corvettes- -The Sicily and Italy Campaign the Fall of Hong Kong Canadian and the Guns at Calais Royal Navy Pacific Fleet - Attack at Palambang Stories of Telegraphist Air Gunners Stories of Wartime Dover and Deal, Kent England Canadian Internment of Japanese Canadians The Death Camps - Polish Jews Wartime Romances Canadian and Australian War Brides Individual Stories and Letters of Specific Veterans Over   400   individuals   participated   in   the   projects   over   the   years.   As   one   remembrance   initiative   ended   and   another   began   it was not uncommon for many to return to participate in a second, third, or even a greater number of projects. In   2003,   440   Productions   recorded   and   produced   the   first   of   three   wartime   musical   CDs.   These   CDs   have   found   there   way across   Canada,   the   United   States,   the   United   Kingdom,   and   Australia.   In   2004,   the   CD,   Songs   of   the   War   Years    was   recorded live   in   Deal,   Kent   UK   during   the   British   Performance Tour   of   Time   to   Remember . The   production   of   CDs   was   undertaken   with   a belief that music and songs of the war years passed from one generation to another remain forever in the heart. In   2004,   440   Productions   began   to   publish   a   Newsletter,   Remembering   Our   Wartime   Heritage ,   that   contains   information   on current   activities,   features   on   individual   Veterans   and   their   stories,   articles   on   the   history   of   440   Productions,   and   a   section of items taken from wartime scrapbooks and newspaper clippings. The   Association   also   began   its      Time   To   Remember    series   of   stage   performances   in   2004,   touring   Nova   Scotia   and   the   UK.     Three   international   tours   to   England   with   performances   in   Gosport   and   Fareham,   Hampshire,   for   the   Telegraphist Air   Gunners Association   and   in   Deal,   Kent   broadened   the   scope   of   the   Association's   initiatives.      The   opportunity   to   perform   for   Veterans both   in   Canada   and   the   United   Kingdom,   meet   Veterans   personally,   and   hear   first   hand   their   experiences   and   memories   of wartime was an opportunity and experience unlike any other. The   Association   participated   in   Remembrance   Services   at   the   Fleet   Air   Arm   Memorial,   Lee-on-the-Solent,   laying   wreaths during the 57th, 59th, and 60th Annual Memorial Weekend of the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association in 2004, 2006 and 2007. In   May,      2007   the   cast   and   crew   of   Tragedy   and   Triumph       visited   the   Hawkinge   Cemetery   located   two   miles   north   of Folkestone,   England. There   are   156   casualties   of   war   at   rest   at   the   Cemetery. Among   the   casualties   there   are   5   Canadians:   Sgt (Pilot)   William   Lorne   FRASER,   Pilot   Officer   Charles   Willard   GOMM,   Pilot   Officer   James   Norman   LEWIS,   Flight   Sgt   (Pilot)   Stanley Gilbert   NAPIER,   and   Flight   Sgt   (Pilot)   Walter   Charles   WICKER.      Canadian   Flags   and   poppies      were   placed   in   remembrance   on their grave sites. Participations   of   the     Association   have   visited   many   wartime   historical   sites   and   have   attended   Remembrance   Services   across Nova Scotia and in England. The   commitment   to   remembering   the   war   years,   honouring   Veterans,   and   educating   continues   through   the   ongoing   projects of the Wartime Heritage Association.
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