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In 2012, Wartime Heritage began researching those from our local community of Yarmouth Town and County of Nova Scotia who’s names appear on the Yarmouth Cenotaph and prepared web pages for each individual.  In 2014, as a World War I Centenary Initiative, the Association began to identity  individuals with connections to Yarmouth Town and County who served during World War I.   At present, the list contains over 1,500 men and women.  Information in Remembering World War I is updated regularly. If you know of someone missing from our list or you recognize any of the existing names, we encourage you to please share photos, letters, and memories with us so we may include them in the collection.
The Association has identified 152 casualties of individuals connected to Yarmouth Town and County in the Second World War. Over the years, the Association has collected information on each casualty  from sources that include the American Battle Monuments Commission, the Books of Remembrance in Ottawa, the Canadian Virtual War Memorial (Veterans Affairs), the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the 117 names on the Yarmouth Town and County War Memorial, and other local sources.   Nova Scotia Casualties Casualties WWII - Yarmouth Town and County       World War II Deaths by Month, Day, and Year  Yarmouth Military Service - WWI Battalions
Korean War The Korean War section of the website contains information on the casualties and wounded from Yarmouth Town and County.  Nova Scotia Casualties - Korean War
Telegraphist Air Gunners Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, has a unique connection to the Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGs) Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy of World War II.  Of the three thousand TAGs trained, five hundred seventy completed their training in Yarmouth at RCAF Station Yarmouth - East Camp. Over the years Wartime Heritage has maintained a connection with Telegraphist Air Gunners who served in World War II and the Association has attended Memorial Services in England at Lee-on-Solent on a number of occasions. Wartime Heritage has attempted to collect as much information as possible on TAGS and continues to update the website. The site contains articles, stories, and photos.  Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
Wartime Heritage - YouTube Channel Wartime Heritage has shared the songs and stories of the war years with audiences across Nova Scotia, and in England. View our Wartime Heritage videos   YouTube Channel     
Wartime Heritage - Facebook Page Wartime Heritage maintains a Facebook page with stories, articles, and photos relating to wartime history.  
440 Productions  440 Productions - Remembrance Initiatives Public presentations  of wartime stage musicals and videos.
The Wartime Heritage Association is a volunteer non- profit organization committed to remembering  wartime heritage and history.  
The Long Voyage Home Jack and Kathleen Allan On June 25, 1942 the Canadian External Affairs Department in Ottawa announced the twenty-eight names of Canadian nationals reported to have sailed from Japanese occupied Hong Kong, and various parts of China, including Shanghai, …
Remembering Vimy 1917 - 2017
Vimy Ridge, 8 km north east of Arras was occupied by the German Army in October, 1914.  The ridge rises gradually on its western side, and drops more quickly on the eastern side and provides a clear view for tens of kilometres in all directions.  During the following years the area was heavily fortified by the German Army …
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Remembering the Korean War Nova Scotia Casualties of the Korean War  The latest addition to our website.  Casualties and dates of death with individual pages. The Battle of Hill 187 - South Korea The 3rd Battalion of the Royal Canadian Regiment took over the Jamestown Line on Hill 187, where it fought one of the last engagements before the armistice in 1953. Most of the soldiers in the Battalion had only arrived in Korea weeks earlier … The Battle at Hill 355 "Little Gibraltar"  South Korea  In 1951 the two sides established defensive positions around the 38th parallel.  Canadians were often deployed on or near Hill 355 …
Remembering World War II Nova Scotia Casualties - April 1942 Leo George Murphy Flight Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force April 5, 1942 Alexander Neil MacDonald Gunner, Royal Canadian Artillery April 7, 1942 Edwin Cyril Strangward Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Princess Louise Fusiliers, R.C.I.C. April 7, 1942 William Ian Meech Flight Sergeant,Royal Canadian Air Force April 13, 1942 Otis Keith Nickerson Leading Aircraftman, Royal Canadian Air Force April 13, 1942 Frank Douglas Barbour Flight Sergeant, 419 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force April 14, 1942 George Randall Chief Engine Room Artificer, HMCS Cobalt  Royal Canadian Naval Reserve April 17, 1942 St. Clair Levy Able Seaman, HMCS Halifax, Royal Canadian Naval Reserve April 20, 1942 Hugh Maclean Rowlings Flight Lieutenant, Royal Canadian Air Force April 27, 1942   Harry Heustis Weeks Flying Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force April 27, 1942 Lloyd George MacLeod   Pilot Officer, Royal Canadian Air Force April 29, 1942 James Arthur Easterbrooks Romas Flight Sergeant, Royal Canadian Air Force April 29, 1942 James Lawrence Hanson Oiler SS Vineland, Canadian Merchant Navy April 30, 1942 All Nova Scotia Casualties World War II
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Remembering WWII Staff Sergeant Daniel Serrick 1st Division, Canadian Special Service Force May 29, 1944 “ On April 25, 1944, Sergeant Serrick was a member of a searching patrol with the mission of retrieving a wounded comrade who had been shot while close to the enemy lines in the vicinity of Cerreto Alto.  …”