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Korean War Remembering the Korean War, a brief history, the battles, and the casualties from Nova Scotia.
Telegraphist Air Gunners The unique connection of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to the Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAGs) Fleet Air Arm, Royal Navy of World War II.  Of the three thousand TAGs trained, five hundred seventy completed their training in Yarmouth at RCAF Station Yarmouth - East Camp.
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440 Productions A history of the Public presentations  of wartime  stage musicals and videos of Wartime Heritage. 
The Wartime Heritage Association is a volunteer non-profit organization committed to remembering  wartime heritage and history.   
Canadian History 11 School Project   Information for high school students completing research on World War I and World II. Designed for Yarmouth County Students.  Pages contains photos, newspaper articles, and links.
Stories, History and Photos of the War Years  Sharing wartime history and personal stories, information, and photos of World War I, World War II, Telegraphist Air Gunners, and the Korean War.
World War II Information on Nova Scotia casualties from sources that include the Books of Remembrance in Ottawa, the Canadian Virtual War Memorial (Veterans Affairs), the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the American Battle Monuments Commission, War Memorial, and other local sources.
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World War I The wartime history of Yarmouth, Digby, and Shelburne Counties of Nova Scotia, those who gave their lives in the service the nation and the men and women who served.
Explore the history of the war years on our website, the Remembrance pages of those who served, the stories, the articles, and the photos. Use the navigation bar or the search box to find specific individuals or topics. Discover the unique history of wartime Nova Scotia. Read about us, our initiatives and our history. If you have a comment, information, or would like to share wartime stories or photos on our website, please contact us. Your support of our initiatives is always appreciated
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 Remembering World War I December 1917 d’Entremont, Albany Athanase    Crew Member SS Stella Marris (Tug) Killed in Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917 Henry Clinton Doane Crew Member Schooner F. W. Roebling Killed in Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917 (Halifax) Hemeon, Vance A. 4th Canadian Railway Troops (Wounded November 30, 1917, France) Died: December 12, 1917 d'Entremont, Anselm Crew Member SS Stella Marris (Tug) Injured in Halifax Explosion Died: December 20, 1917  
 Nova Scotia WWII Casualties - December 1942 Prentice, John Harry Flight Lieutenant, RCAF December 3, 1942 Werry, Elmor William Corporal, RCAF December 9, 1942 Hemsworth, Harold Joseph Engine Room Artificer 5th Class HMCS Quinte, RCNVR December 12, 1942 Lawrence, James Allison Leading Aircraftman, RCAF December 12, 1942 Loughead, Eric Crowe Pilot Officer, RCAF December 12, 1942 McCann, Charles Curtis Merril Flying Officer, RCAF 218 Squadron RAF, December 17, 1942 Kiln, Alec Ronald Leading Seaman, Royal Canadian Navy HMCS Brandon,  December 20, 1942 Wagner, Gerald Edward Flight Sergeant, RCAF December 20, 1942 Mann, Lloyd Robertson Flying Officer, RCAF December 21, 1942 McIntosh, Edward James Private, Veterans Guard of Canada December 24, 1942 Campbell, Albert Hart Lance Corporal, Veterans Guard of Canada December 28, 1942 Glenwright, George Edward Flying Officer, RCAF December 28, 1942 Desveaux, John Joseph Private, Veterans Guard of Canada December 30, 1942 Merrill, Carmen Lloyd Private, North Nova Scotia Highlanders, R.C.I.C. December 30, 1942 McIvor, Donald Fraser Stoker, RCNVR (HMS Boscawen) December 31, 1942
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An Airman's Christmas in Holland December 4, 1944 LAC Wilfred Thomas Bishara 442 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force
Stories and Articles of Christmas and New Year’s  on Our Website
A Christmas Story of Remembrance Private Kenneth Buchanan  
A Longing For Christmas At Home Corporal John Woodruff
A Vivid Memory of Christmas 1944 - Italy Staley Goodwin 4th Reconnaissance Regiment (4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards) New Brunswick Hussars
Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands  Christmas Eve Remembrance Nova Scotians Buried at Holten
Hong Kong - December 1941 Able Seaman George Egan Royal Navy - HMS Thracian Central Ordnance Munitions Depot