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The names of WWII casualties with ties to Nova Scotia have been collected from diverse sources that include the Canadian Virtual War Memorial (Veterans Affairs), the associated Books of Remembrance in Ottawa, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the names on Nova Scotian War Memorials and cenotaphs from all 18 counties, the American Battle Monuments Commission, US Department of Veterans Affairs National Cemeteries, the Belgian War Dead Register, and a large array of newspapers, and other local sources. Some of the people are not recorded in Canada’s Books of Remembrance and were only discovered after thousands of hours and twelve years of research combing through archival records, birth records, censuses, death records, newspapers, and obituaries. The list includes names of individuals who died between September 3, 1939, and December 31, 1947, and were either born in Nova Scotia, were the children of Nova Scotian born parent(s), were the spouses of a Nova Scotian, or a resident of Nova Scotia at, or prior to, enlistment. Post-war deaths included are related to service and the date of December 31, 1947, coincides with the end of the commemoration period of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The Nova Scotia County listed with each casualty refers to one of the following: the County in which the individual was born, residence at enlistment, where their family resided, or burial location. For those casualties with their own individual Remembrance Pages, their names are linked to their pages. Updated: June 24, 2024 Creating a comprehensive list of all Nova Scotians who died in WWII is a principal goal of the Wartime Heritage Association. It is an act of remembrance and tribute to the individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country. By compiling such a list, NS communities ensures that the names and stories of these servicemen and women are preserved, preventing their contributions from fading into obscurity. Additionally, this compilation allows for a more nuanced understanding of the impact of the war on local communities, highlighting the personal and familial toll. A comprehensive list can aid in educational initiatives, providing a resource for schools, researchers, and future generations to learn about the sacrifices made by Nova Scotians during WWII, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cost of freedom and the importance of peace. Lastly, it contributes to the broader historical record, helping to document and preserve the collective memory of Nova Scotia's role in global conflict. Remembering the WWII casualties from our Province holds significance as it fosters a profound connection between the past and present, grounding collective memory in the sacrifices made by individuals from the local community, and linking their stories with the larger history of WWII. For the Association, Remembrance is not a vague endeavour, it is about remembering each and everyone person lost. We are committed to ensuring that the list is complete as possible.
World War II Nova Scotia Casualties Page 1 Last Names A - F Page 2 Last Names G - L Page 3 Last Names M - P Page 4 Last Names Q - Z In addition to the list above which includes all WWII casualties with ties to Nova Scotia, we have created the following three sub-categories: United States Casualties with connection to Nova Scotia - A list of WWII casualties with ties to Nova Scotia who were casualties while serving with US Armed Forces including the US Army, the US Army Air Force, the US Coast Guard, the US Merchant Navy, and the US Navy which includes the US Marine Corps the US Submarine Force. WWII Casualties of the Far East and Pacific Campaign with connection to Nova Scotia - A second list of WWII casualties with ties to Nova Scotia who served in the Far East and Pacific Campaigns, which includes those serving with Canadian Forces, but also those serving with American, Australian, British, Indian, and New Zealand Armed Forces. WWII Merchant Navy Casualties with connection to Nova Scotia - A third list of all WWII casualties with ties to Nova Scotia who served in the Merchant Navy. WWII Casualties of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - A fourth list of all WWII casualties with ties to Yarmouth and Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia
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Nova Scotia Casualties
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