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Wartime Heritage (440 Productions) Recognised With 2006 Youth Peace Medal November 24, 2006 Article in The Vanguard (Yarmouth NS) By Michael Gorman On November 23rd, 2006, 440 Productions was awarded the ‘Youth Peace Medal’ by the Yarmouth YMCA during a dinner at the Burridge Campus of the Nova Scotia Community College. Barry MacGregor, administrator of the Yarmouth YMCA explains the medal: “The essence of the peace medal is that it is awarded to people or groups that have no special resources, wealth, status or position - proving that we can all contribute to enhancing peaceful relationships in our communities, our country and the world, if we choose.” He then added that “they have been presented since 1987 at modest social gatherings and with little ceremony, at breakfasts as well as major dinners as we are doing tonight.” In attendance from the Association were Beth Dalton, Producer, Glen Gaudet, Project Manager and one of the first participants in the program, Tara Egan, pianist, involved in the productions since 1992 and Ashley Goodwin, a current cast member in Tragedy and Triumph Memories of World War II, who received the Peacemaker certificate and medal on behalf of the all past and current members of 440 Productions and the Association. MacGregor explained why 440 Productions was chosen: “The Youth Peace Medal this year is being presented to 440 Productions, a theatre group formed 14 years ago performing shows around the music and life of the Second World War. Through the guidance of High School Teacher George Egan this evolving group of 450 young people have performed locally, toured Nova Scotia as well as England. Through their fine stage performances they have brought to life all the memories of a country at war, creating one more way of assuring that we will never forget.” The Director, George Egan wrote MacGregor, thanking the selection committee for the honour. He wrote, “We have worked very hard over the years to accomplish our goals of remembering our wartime heritage, and the wartime connections between Yarmouth and England, Europe, and the Pacific. For those efforts to be acknowledged in such a way is most appreciated.” View The Vanguard news article from Yarmouth, NS at:
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Wartime Heritage (440 Productions) Recognised With 2006 Youth Peace Medal November 24, 2006
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