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Wartime Heritage - Centenary Initiative In 2012, the Wartime Heritage Association undertook a World War I Centenary Initiative, to identity individuals with connections to Yarmouth Town and County who served during World War I. We began our research with the Yarmouth War Memorial and the names of those men and women who were casualties; 173 men and women including 14 who died after November 11, 1918. Since the 100th Anniversary of the signing of Armistice on November 11, 1918, our work continues. Through what we have accomplished to date, we have discovered much about the wartime history of Yarmouth County and have shared it on the website. Thousands of hours of research and writing have been undertaken. We have walked the cemeteries of Yarmouth County, photographing grave stones, and recording information. We have corresponded with relatives, and those researching local community casualties and Veterans of World War I. Thousands of official war records have been reviewed to determine if they were connected to Yarmouth Town and County, and information collected to prepare names, enlistment dates, ages, and communities of birth. Our research discovered 35 names missing from the Memorial who would meet the criteria of listed names. The final list of casualties numbers 205 men and women between 1914 and 1922. At present, the list of “Those who Served” including those who gave their lives in the service of the Country, with connection to Yarmouth Town and County, contains some 1,598 men and women. Individual Remembrance pages have been added to the website and information on the name, service number, place of birth, date of enlistment, and age at enlistment has been provided on the website. Wherever possible, photos have been added to Remembrance pages. In addition to Remembrance Pages, we have written and published some 52 articles and stories related to the First World War. Our research has also included a listing of the casualties of Shelburne and Digby Counties. (June 14, 2023)
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