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440 Productions An Experience Like No Other Says Cast November 7, 2006 Article in The Vanguard (Yarmouth NS) By Tina Comeau Ashley Goodwin says the connections she’s made with her 440 Productions cast mates is different from any other connection she’s had, or will have, with anyone in her life. “There’s all these emotions on stage,” she says. “It’s unexplainable how you feel when you’re up on stage and there are veterans watching you” Fellow cast member Rebecca Rideout agrees. “It’s a much more emotional experience than when you’re doing a play because you’re telling real stories,” she says. Director George Egan doesn’t really see 440 Productions as a theatre group per say, even though the stories are usually brought to life on stage. “We use the theatre as a forum to teach and to try and come to some sort of an understanding of what war history is or the war heritage is,” says Egan, adding when Goodwin talks about the feelings that exist between the cast, in some ways it is almost similar to the relationship that exists between soldiers and sailors. Julian Dease, another cast member, says it’s interesting how 440 Productions has brought together people from so many different backgrounds and interests. “Collectively we have come together and are able to take such a serious commitment and determination to do this,” he says. “It’s been incredible to be involved in and I’m pretty proud of everyone. Dease says the shows, like the ones coming up in Yarmouth this weekend, serve to create awareness. “It’s a great way for a lot of people, especially our generation, to get an understanding of what this is all about,” he says.
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440 Productions An Experience Like No Other Says Cast November 7, 2006
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