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Remembrance Day & The Wartime Heritage Association November 8, 2008 Editorial from Author David L. Little’s Blog for "Unheard, Unseen..."(A submarine adventure novel): Another Remembrance Day has come and gone. Hopefully everyone will have taken a moment to give thanks to those who gave everything for our freedoms and also those who served and are still serving. Maybe you bought a veteran a pint, or just said thank you. Perhaps you did nothing but quietly wear a poppy, a symbol of your respect for sacrifices made. The news is full of reports that more and more young people are attending Remembrance Day ceremonies around the country. What could be a better foretaste of our future? Perhaps we have slipped past the ‘peace’ generation who stupidly included the men and women serving to protect our country in their hateful, senseless protests. You seriously have to wonder about anyone who can protest someone or something protecting their very right to do so. Well, this sometimes cynical writer enjoyed a bright light amongst our young people this past week when I attended the Wartime Heritage Association’s production of Echoes Of The 40’s at Th’YARC Playhouse in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. It was an incredible show with characters, some representing real people, dressed in actual uniforms and period clothing while performing vignettes, stories, and of course, the wonderful music from that era. But what is truly incredible are the performers themselves. All current students or graduates from Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School, they put on a show that took you from laughter, to tears, to laughter again. At first glance I wondered at how a group of ‘kids’ could put on such an incredible performance, until I remembered that the people they were portraying were in fact, their age way back then. This organization certainly embodies all that is great about Canada and young Canadians, and I highly recommend anyone with the opportunity to see their performances. It will be an experience you will not soon forget. Visit their website at
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Remembrance Day & The Wartime Heritage Association November 8, 2008
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