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Salutes To Victory Meet the Airmen
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Meet the Airmen
The Telegraphist Air Gunners (Tim Dulong and John Hatfield)
Fleet Air Arm Royal Navy Pilots (Clifford Berrouard and Michael Comeau)
TAGS (John Hatfield, Tim Dulong, and Rodrique Doucet)
RCAF Pilots (Kevin Crawford, Derrick LeBlanc, Steven Jansma, Ray Fraughton, and Herb Theriault)
TAGs and Pilots of East and West Camp
The Girls: Shannon Nickerson, Heather Jansma, Michelle D’Entremont, Karen Nickerson, Shawnda Parnell, Brenda Tate, Liette Legere, Barbara Higby, and Chantal Boudreau