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After ten years of being encouraged to "take the show on the road" 440 Productions designed a dynamic show for touring the 2003-2004 season. Time To Remember interweaves the music of the war years with stories of ordinary men and women caught up in the reality and romance of war. While designed especially for veterans, this show also is a must for anyone interested in discovering the history of wartime Canadians, the songs they sang, and the music that inspired and touched their hearts. As the show unfolds, the audience joins a cast of characters, young men and women, who entertain the audience with the songs, the music, and the stories of the war years. Following an opening with It's a Long Way To Tipperary and Pack Up Your Troubles the audience is swept up into an adventure as they are introduced to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and the girls. The antics of basic training are relived in songs like We Were Drunk Last Night and Kiss Me Good Night Sergeant Major. This is the Army Mr. Jones and You'll Get Used To It bring both the audience and the characters to the charming and delightful stories of young recruits and their newfound girlfriends. The Canadian farm boy who left his heart at The Stagedoor Canteen will captivate the audience, as will the young recruit whose girl persists he "kiss her through the barrack fence". All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor, and it will be no different for the audience as they meet and listen to our sailor boy. From the lighthearted to the serious, the audience will meet two friends about to venture into the reality of war. For this airman, his girl, and his best friend, the powerful emotions of love and friendship are conveyed in dialogue and the songs Silver Wings and Comin' In On A Wing and A Prayer. The music of the British pub, the barracks, and the battlefield offer the audience a glimpse of how young men were able, for a brief time, to forget the realities of war, drink, meet people, and sing around a piano while they waited to ship out to unknown destinations. From the gaiety of the Pub songs to quiet serious moments, the stories and music of romance are presented, from Sweet Dreams Sweet Heart, I'll See You In My Dreams to the famous A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square, the audience will be touched and moved by the simplicity and innocence of first love. The patriotic songs of wartime, be they American, British or German will inspire the audience to an appreciative understanding of the staunch belief in victory and in the future. The cast presents a tribute to American wartime songs, and the partiotism of wartime Britain through a presentation of the well known songs You're a Grand Old Flag, The White Cliffs of Dover, There'll Always Be An England, I'll Be Seeing You, and Lilli Marlene. In keeping with the tradition of all 440 wartime stage presentations the show ends with We'll Meet Again and Wish Me Luck. For both the cast and the audience the experience of an evening of wartime music is one that will leave them humming tunes and remembering the unforgettable moments of the war years. 2003-2004 Nova Scotian Performance Tour of Time to Remember November 14, 15, 21, and 22, 2003: at 7 pm YARMOUTH performances at the Yarmouth Arts Regional Centre (Th'YARC, 76 Parade St, Yarmouth NS) The 2004 performances commemorated the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of D-DAY March 20, 2004: at 7 pm YARMOUTH performances at the North Baptist Church Hall (Yarmouth NS) A special performance for the Veterans and War Brides whose stories are told in Time To Remember Saturday, March 27, 2004: at 7:30 pm WINDSOR Dinner theatre performance at the Windsor Legion (Windsor NS) Sponsored by the Royal Canadian Legion Hants County Branch #9 2004 British Performance Tour of Time to Remember The 2004 performances commemorated the 60TH ANNIVERSARY of D-DAY Thursday, May 13, 2004 Depart Halifax for London Friday, May 14 Arrival in London (Heathrow Airport) Imperial War Museum Berkeley Square Overnight in London Saturday, May 15 Travel to Lee on Solent (site of performance) Sites in area (Gosport/Portsmouth) HMS Victory Royal Naval Museum Presentation of Time To Remember (Telegraphist Air Gunners Association) Theatre at Thorngate Halls, Bury Rd, Gosport Overnight in Fareham Sunday, May 16 Memorial Service at the FAA Memorial on the seafront (Lee-on-the-Solent) Depart for Dover Overnight in Dover Monday, May 17 Market Square, Dover Dover Museum Dover Castle Presentation of Time To Remember (Deal, Kent) Astor Theatre Arts Centre, Stanhope Rd, Deal Overnight in Dover Tuesday, May 18 The Kent Battle of Britain Museum (Hawkinge Airfield) Battle of Britain Memorial (Folkestone Rd, Near Dover) Cliffs of Dover Presentation of Time To Remember (Deal, Kent) Astor Theatre Arts Centre, Stanhope Rd, Deal Overnight in Dover Wednesday, May 19 Depart Dover for London Depart London for Halifax Cast Ben Medel Ben portrays a Canadian soldier in Time To Remember. His first involvement in 440 was in 2002 when he acted in the 440 movie The Last Patrol. The same year he sang his first stage solo in the 440 Stage musical Side By Side - the stories and songs of World War II. In 2003 Ben performed a leading role in the 440 wartime musical Tribute To Courage. Presently in his senior year of high school, Ben is interested in pursuing a career in theatre and film. Katie Saulnier Katie is a grade 11 high school student. She has studied piano and enjoys singing. New to the 440 Program, Katie portrays a young Canadian wartime girl in Time To Remember. She has studied voice and piano and achieved the highest place for Grade 7 piano performance in the South Western Nova Scotia Music Festival. She is a former member of the Yarmouth Community Chorale. Chris Johnson Chris portrays the sailor and the Telegraphist Air Gunner in Time To Remember. He is in his senior year of high school and moved from Sussex, New Brunswick, to Yarmouth in August of 2002. While this is his first involvement with 440 Productions Chris has been involved in stage musicals such as Annie, Anything Goes, Just Like Us, and Clowns. Chris has been around theatre since he was able to walk! Er in Burton Erin is a second year English major at St Mary's Univeristy in Halifax, NS. Her first involvement with 440 Productions was in 2001-2002 as part of the cast of the stage musical Side By Side - the stories and songs of World War II. Involved in sports, Erin is an avid hockey player. She was the only girl on the Yarmouth High School hockey team between 2000 and 2002. She also played on the high school volleyball team. Erin is a coach for both baseball and hockey. At university she is involved with Student Council. An drew Durkee Andrew is currently studying at the University of King's Collage, enrolled in the Foundation Year Program as well as the first year acting program at Dalhousie University. Andrew has been involved in live theatre performances as both an actor and singer for a number of years. His first involvement with 440 Productions was in 2002-2003 as a cast member in Tribute To Courage. In addition to his theatre interests, Andrew is involved in curling and enjoys playing pool. Ian d'Entremont Ian's first involvement with 440 Productions was in 2002-2003 as a cast member in Tribute To Courage. In Time To Remember he plays the role of an airman. Ian graduated from Yarmouth High is 2003 and is currently employed in Yarmouth at a local hotel. In September, he plans to continue his studies at the Nova Scotia Institute of Technology. A country boy at heart, Ian is a well rounded person who enjoys anything that involves smiling. Sarah Rogers This is Sarah's first involvement with 440 and she portrays a young Canadian girl during World War II in Time To Remember. She has studied piano and voice as well as ballet. Sarah is the highest-ranking cadet in Squadron 299 Yarmouth Air Cadets and is a recipient of the Lord Strathacona Award for Excellence. She was the top air cadet at the Senior Leaders Course in Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake Alberta in 2002. She is the only member of 440 to have taken the controls and flown a CF-18! Adam Burrell This is Adam's second year as part of the cast of 440 Productions. In 2003 he played the character role of a Canadian soldier in 440's Tribute To Courage. His current return to the stage also sees him in the character role of a soldier in Time To Remember. Adam is in his senior year of high school. Tara Ra vlo This is Tara's first involvement with 440 Productions; however, she has previously been involved with local theatre in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. She portrays a Canadian girl during World War II in Time To Remember. Tara is in her senior year of high school and a member of the school volleyball team. Matthe w Gorman Matthew is enrolled in his first year of an Arts program at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His first involvement with 440 Productions was in 2002-2003 as a cast member in Tribute To Courage. He portrays a Canadian airman in Time To Remember. Matthew plays the piano, drums, and guitar. Currently, he plays drums for two rock bands. Other interests include acting, movies, politics, and art. Future plans likely include a career in law. Michael Han f Mike was first involved with 440 Productions in 1996 as a cast member of the wartime musical, Memories. He also played a character role in the 440 movie, Year of Passage. He plays the role of sergeant in Time To Remember. Since graduating from high school, Mike has held a management position, owned his own business, and has been employed on an oil rig. A sportsman, he has been involved in soccer and baseball. In the coming year, Mike plans to return to school to study para-medicine. Ta ra Egan The pianist for 440 Productions, Tara has been involved since 1992 and has played character roles on stage and in video in addition to piano accompaniment in all of the 440 Productions stage performances. As a student she studied voice, piano, and flute. During the last five years, despite being the mother of two sons, Liam and Braedon, she has managed to continue her involvement in 440 projects. Crew Jason Dalton Jason, during his senior year of high school in 1995, performed on stage in the 440 musical Memories. He was the primary cameraman for the movie Year of Passage. Since 1996, Jason has returned to assist with filming of various 440 projects. He currently serves as a Bombardier in the Royal Canadian Artillery, Canadian Armed Forces stationed at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown, New Brunswick. Kasey Forbes Kasey Forbes is the lighting tech for Time To Remember. He has been involved with 440 productions since 1998 when he played the role of a Canadian soldier in Beyond The Parade. Since 1998, Kasey has assisted with the technical aspects of the 440 projects, including filming, special effects, and sound. Management Team Glen Gaudet Presently our Projects/Tour Manager, Glen was first involved in productions during his senior high school year. In addition to a stage role that year, he was also Production Assistant. Studying history, political science and philosophy, he attended Université Ste-Anne. In 1995 he returned to 440 to manage the wartime stage show, Memories. Involved behind the scenes over the years, he has assisted in the planning and research for various 440 stage and movie productions. In 2003, Glen assumed the role of Treasurer, funding and tour manager, and production assistant for the 440 Performance Tours. Glen works on a daily basis with the Director and Producer in all aspects of planning, promotion and presentation of productions. He is a member of the Royal British Legion and the Channel Dash Association, and is also an associate member of the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association and the Royal Canadian Legion. His interest in wartime history stems from his father?s Korean War service in the US Army Artillery. Born a twin with his brother Gary, from a family of seven, Glen?s day job is as a banking supervisor with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Maxine MacLure Maxine MacLure is the Costume Mistress for 440 Productions. She has been involved with theatre since the age of 12 and brings her many years of experience to each production. With a needle and thread, safety pins, and a smile she has managed to get many a 440-cast member through a performance. Beth Dalton Beth has been producing 440 stage and movie projects since its inception in 1992. Her interest in music has led to her involvement in chorales and choirs for most of her life. A Girl Guides of Canada leader for over thirty-five years, Beth has held numerous positions and was the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal in 2003. Beth has been a secretary at the Yarmouth High School for over fourteen years. George Egan In 1987, the sheet music of All The Nice Girls Love A Sailor inspired him to write and direct the first of a series of war related productions. Since 1992, some twenty-one of twenty-eight 440 stage and video presentations have reflected wartime themes. His first involvement in theatre, came with a minor role in a local stage production of South Pacific. As an English, history, and political science teacher at Yarmouth High, he has taught the history of Canadian involvement in World conflict and encouraged the personal development and enrichment of 440 students through his writing and directing. Endorsements and Messages of Support "My warmest greetings to everyone in attendance at the presentation of Time to Remember - Songs and Stories of the War Years. We are blessed in Canada to live in a country where we are free to speak our minds, to celebrate our culture and to debate important issues that affect us. Yet this freedom did not come without a cost. In every act of remembrance, we pay tribute to those who have paid the highest price for the freedom we hold so dear. While most of Canada's youth today are innocent to the horror of war, many play an important role in passing on the tales of bravery and sacrifice of our military heritage. The students of 440 Productions have created a moving and inspirational homage to our Canadian and Commonwealth veterans. I thank you for your commitment to preserving Canadian history, and wish you continued success in sharing your enthusiasm and talent with appreciative audiences everywhere." - The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, former Governor General of Canada (1999-2005) " I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings and sincere congratulations to the students and members of 440 Productions Association as you prepare to embark on an artistic tour through Canada and the United Kingdom. The people of Canada and the United Kingdom have long shared common bonds, and I am sure that the cultural exchanges that have been planned will provide a wonderful opportunity to deepen the ties connecting our 2 countries. This year's production Time to Remember - Songs & Stories of the War Years, based on Canada's wartime history, is a wonderful way of honouring veterans of the Second World War. Your artistic gifts will delight audiences and leave them with lasting memories of what will surely be moving performances. I would like to commend everyone involved with this artistic group for their hard work and determination in putting together such a unique program. Please accept my best wishes for an enjoyable tour, as well as every success in your future endeavours." - The Right H onourable Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada "The United Kingdom and Canada share common values and a commitment to achieving a just, secure and prosperous world. We also share a history of readiness, when our efforts to find peaceful solutions are frustrated; to make the sacrifices required to defend those values. We in and from the United Kingdom will never forget the sacrifices made by Canadians to defend freedom and democracy in two World Wars. The distinguished roll of battle honors earned by Canadian regiments is testimony to the courage, steadfastness and sense of justice that Canadians have shown over so many years. As time and age take their toll, and as firsthand memories of the two World Wars fade, it is impressive to see the determination of the group of young people involved in 440 Productions to help ensure the sacrifices made by their forebears are remembered and understood in this new century. The innovation, dedication and hard work that have gone into the enactment of scenes from the last World War by the students of 440 Productions pay tribute to Canada's proud history and the men and women involved. We at the British High Commission are proud to be able to support and help you in this important year, the 60th anniversary of CANLOAN and of D-Day." - David Redda way CMG MBE, former British High Commissioner to Canada (2004-2006) "Keeping these wartime memories and associations alive in the minds of young people is a most worthwhile undertaking. It will undoubtedly also give great pleasure and satisfaction to the ex-servicemen with whom you will come in contact. I am delighted to send my warm personal encouragement and good wishes for the tour" - Sir Andrew Burns, former High Commissioner to Canada (2000-2003) "Activities that honour our military history and heritage allow us to acknowledge the courage and sacrifices of those who served their countries in times of war, and give us the will to preserve peace for all time. I strongly believe that all Canadians need to recognize the contributions our Canadian Forces personnel and their allies have made and continue to make at home and abroad. Please accept my best wishes for the success of your production." - David Pratt, Minister of National Defence (2003-2004) Message from the Honourable John F. Hamm Premier of Nova Scotia 440 Productions Association-Remembering Our Wartime Heritage Time to Remember - Songs and Stories of the War Years On behalf of all Nova Scotians, I welcome all patrons to 440 Productions Association's Time to Remember - Songs and Stories of the War Years. Gathering together to remember our wartime heritage is an important part of paying tribute to the servicemen and women who fought so diligently for the freedom we know today. Through stories and songs, the 440 Productions Association brings its audience back in time to a place where many Nova Scotians trained and prepared for battle. As you watch the actors and listen to their words, I encourage you to take a moment to remember the fallen and give thanks to all who worked and fought for our freedom. Congratulations to everyone involved in this worthwhile endeavor. Enjoy the show! - John F. Ham m, Premier of Nova Scotia (1999-2006) "It is through these venues like Time To Remember and efforts by the youth of our nation that we as a nation are forever reminded of the importance of Remembrance. We Thank 440 Productions for your efforts to preserve the history of Canada. They are most appreciated." - Dominion Command, Royal Canadian Legion "I wish your troupe much success with their show and trip to England; having young Canadians taking pride in remembering Canada's wartime history is truly commendable." - Robert Th ibault, Member of Parliament, West Nova (2004-2008) "I am pleased to lend my most enthusiastic endorsement to Mr. George Egan's production Time to Remember. Mr Egan's years at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School have been marked by two dozen excellent stage and film productions. George writes his own scripts, and, in the case of his eighteen "war theme" scripts, he incorporates timely songs from the war years. I have viewed all of them with great pleasure. I am proud to have George Egan as a colleague. Having been involved in theatre for more than three decades, I believe that I can state unequivocally that audiences outside the Yarmouth area will thrill to this new production. He and his cast and production crew are deserving of both encouragement and support." - John Naus e, Ph.D., Principal, Yarmouth Memorial Consolidated High School 2003-2004 Sponsors of Time to Remember BRITISH HIGH COMMISSION in Canada David Reddaway, CMG MBE, High Commissioner Air Force Association of Canada The Royal Canadian Air Force Association Trust Leif Erikson Chapter IODE (Yarmouth, NS) Municipality of the District of Yarmouth Yarmouth Leisure Services Royal Canadian Legion Hants County Branch #9 (Windsor, NS) Royal Canadian Legion Calais Branch #162 (Sackville, NS) Royal Canadian Legion Westside Branch #126 (Sydney, NS) Royal Canadian Legion Loyalist Branch #63 (Shelburne, NS) Royal Canadian Legion Port Royal Branch #21 (Annapolis, NS) Royal Canadian Legion River Hebert Branch #14 (River Hebert, NS) Global Television Network Maritimes, Global Communications Ltd Subway (Yarmouth, NS) Spears & MacLeod Pharmasave (Yarmouth, NS) L.G. Trask Insurance Agency (Yarmouth, NS) Borcherdt Concrete Products Ltd (Yarmouth, NS) Sky-Tec Audiotronics (Marlene & Garth Davis, Yarmouth NS) Canadian Tire (Yarmouth, NS) Thistle Hyundai (Yarmouth, NS) The Yarmouth Wool Shoppe The Muise Family, in memory of Zacharie Simon Muise, WWII Veteran, 1923 - 2003 (Yarmouth, NS) George S. Hawkins (Halifax, NS) Dr. John Albrecht (Burnaby, BC) Bobby Lou Reardon (Yarmouth, NS) Leighton Trefry (Yarmouth, NS) Special Thanks / Acknowledgements INDIVIDUALS: Sir Andrew Burns Former British High Commissioner to Canada (2000-2003) Patrick O'Brien Head of Media & Public Affairs Section, British High Commission in Canada Ken Davies - TAGA (Stevington, England) Roy Gibbs - TAGA (Orpington, Kent, England) Keith C. Atkinson, Chairman - Royal British Legion Downs Branch Mary Eldridge - Royal British Legion Downs Branch Sophia Harris - CBC Television (Yarmouth, NS) Tina Comeau - The Vanguard (Yarmouth, NS) Sharon Guitard (Dartmouth, NS) Henry Reed (Yarmouth, NS) Jean Spear (Ottawa, ON) ORGANISATIONS: TAGA: Telegraphist Air Gunners Association (International) Royal British Legion Downs Branch (Deal, Kent, England) The Flag Emporium (Halifax, NS)
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