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Wartime Heritage Association's Glen Gaudet & George Egan Attend Buckingham Palace Event and Visit the Canadian Memorial in Green Park July 11, 2009 On   Thursday   July   9,   2009,   The   Chairman   of   the Association   George   Egan   and   Vice-Chairman   Glen   Gaudet   attended   the   Garden Party celebrating the Centenary of Naval Aviation (Fly Navy 100) at Buckingham Palace. They   arrived   in   London   Wednesday,   July   8,   and   stayed   at   the   Hilton   Metropole.   That   evening,   they   attended   the   theatre production   of   War   Horse,   on   stage   at   the   Royal   National   Theatre’s   New   London   Theatre   on   Drury   Lane   in   Covent   Garden.   War Horse,   based   on   the   novel   by   Michael   Morpurgo,   tells   the   story   of   young   man   named   Albert   and   his   beloved   horse   Joey   that’s sold   to   the   cavalry   and   shipped   to   France   at   the   outbreak   of   the   First   World   War.   Soon,   Joey   is   caught   up   in   enemy   fire,   and fate   takes   him   on   an   extraordinary   odyssey,   serving   on   both   sides   before   finding   himself   alone   in   no   man’s   land. Albert   cannot forget   Joey   and,   still   not   old   enough   to   enlist,   he   embarks   on   a   treacherous   mission   to   the   trenches   to   find   him   and   bring   him home.   Actors,   working   with   astonishing,   life-sized   puppets,   lead   the   audience   on   an   emotionally-charged   journey   through history. Then   on   July   9,   for   lunch   prior   to   the   Garden   Party,   Gaudet   and   Egan   met   with   Veterans   of   the   Fleet Air Arm   of   the   Royal   Navy; Telegraphist   Air   Gunners   Ken   Davies   and   Bill   Jones   along   with   their   wives.   Their   dinner   meeting   was   at   the   Union   Jack   Club. Davies serves as Honorary Secretary of the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association and Bill Jones is the current Chairman. The   celebration   was   attended   by   the   His   Royal   Highness   the   Duke   of   York,   Commodore-in-Chief,   Fleet   Air   Arm,   His   Royal Highness    the    Earl    of    Wessex,    Commodore-in-Chief,    Royal    Fleet   Auxiliary    and    The    Princess    Royal,    Commodore-in-Chief, Portsmouth. The   Queen's   Body   Guard   of   the   Yeomen   of   the   Guard   were   on   duty.   The   Band   of   Her   Majesty's   Royal   Marines   (Portsmouth)   and the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines (Plymouth) played selections of music during the afternoon. It was in fact the first Garden Party where alcohol was served. Champagne was served later in the afternoon. [Insert   Green   Park   Memorial   picture   news9jul09-4.jpg]   After   Buckingham   Palace,   Gaudet   and   Egan   visited   the   site   of   the Canadian   Memorial   in   Green   Park.   Designed   by   Canadian   sculptor   Pierre   Granche   and   unveiled   by   Her   Majesty   The   Queen   in 1994,   the   Canada   Memorial   pays   tribute   to   the   nearly   one   million   Canadian   men   and   women   who   served   in   the   United   Kingdom during   the   First   and   Second   World   Wars.   In   particular,   it   honours   the   more   than   100,000   brave   Canadians   who   paid   the   ultimate sacrifice for peace and freedom. The   monument   is   located   across   from   Buckingham   Palace   in   Green   Park,   one   of   the   Royal   Parks   of   London,   England.   The monument   is   divided   into   two   sections   representing   Canadian   and   British   participation   in   the   two   World   Wars. At   the   centre   is   a narrow   walkway.   It   is   made   of   red   granite   from   the   Canadian   Shield   with   inset   bronze   maple   leaves   arranged   in   a   windswept pattern. The   polished   granite   is   set   at   an   incline   and   a   shimmer   of   water   flowing   over   it   creates   the   impression   of   maple   leaves floating down a stream. At   the   east   end   of   the   walkway   is   a   circular   bronze   casting.   Contained   in   the   bronze   casting   is   a   compass   rose   that   orients   the sculpture   toward   Halifax,   Nova   Scotia,   the   port   from   which   most   Canadians   left   for   active   service.   In   the   hollow   area   between the bronze casting and the monument is a set of stairs so that passers-by can sit and reflect. The monument reads: In   two   world   wars   one   million   Canadians   came   to   Britain   and   joined   the   fight   for   freedom.   From   danger   shared,   our   friendship prospers.    
Centenary of Naval Aviation (Fly Navy 100) at Buckingham Palace.