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Season's Greetings from Wartime Heritage December 15, 2010 Happy Holidays The Association wishes to extend warm wishes to all those with whom we have crossed paths through our Time to Remember international performance tour series from 2003-2007, our Wartime Heritage Exhibits in 2008 and 2010 and all our other remembrance initiatives. As we look back at 2010, we are grateful to everyone, both at home in Canada and abroad, that has contributed to our efforts to remember our shared wartime heritage. 2010 included a variety of successful remembrance initiatives. In addition to the annual Wartime Heritage display in the Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School during Remembrance Week 2010, the Association has opened a second Wartime Heritage Exhibit. The new Exhibit is on display at the Yarmouth International Airport. This initiative follows on the success of the Wartime Heritage Exhibit at Yarmouth Mall from March to June 2008 that saw thousands of visitors in just 4 months. In addition to the public projects such as these, the Association continues to make individual connections to Veterans and people of the wartime generation of WWII and their families. We look forward to many interesting exchanges in 2011. Happy Holidays to you and yours and Best Wishes to everyone for the New Year.
Season's Greetings from Wartime Heritage December 15, 2010