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Season's Greetings from Wartime Heritage December 18, 2008      The   Association   wishes   to   extend   warm   wishes   to   all   those   with   whom   we have   crossed   paths   during   the   2008   Nova   Scotian   Performance Tour   of,   Echoes of   the   Forties   –   Songs   and   Stories   of   a   Wartime   Generation,   and   those   we have   met   through   our   Time   to   Remember   international   performance   tour series since 2003. As   we   look   back   at   2008,   we   are   grateful   to   everyone,   both   at   home   in Canada   and   abroad   in Australia,   England,   Scotland,   Spain   and   elsewhere   that have contributed to our efforts to remember our shared wartime heritage. 2008   included   a   variety   of   successful   remembrance   initiatives.   From   March   to   June   2008,   the   Association   presented   the Wartime   Heritage   Exhibit   at   the   Yarmouth   Mall.   The   Association   also   obtained   the   new   UK   Veterans   Badge   for   a   number   of British   Veterans   living   in   Canada. After   many   months   of   rehearsals   and   planning   Echoes   of   the   Forties   was   also   presented   in   the Royal   Canadian   Legions   of   Chester   Basin   (on   September   27)   and Truro,   Nova   Scotia   (on   October   25). The Truro   performance   was part   of   that   Legion’s   80th   Anniversary   celebration.   Four   other   performances   were   held   in   Yarmouth   for   Veterans   Week   2008. Veterans   Week   also   included   wreath   layings   on   behalf   of   the   Association   on   Remembrance   Day,   a   Wartime   Heritage   display   in the   Yarmouth   Consolidated   Memorial   High   School   and   pamphlets   were   circulated   to   some   800   students,   teachers,   and   staff highlighting the purpose of the poppy and the Association’s We Remember bracelet campaign. Major   sponsors   of   the Association’s   2008   work   include   The   Province   of   Nova   Scotia   through   the   Department   of   Tourism,   Culture and Heritage and Democracy 250, CIBC, and the Spitfire Arms Alehouse. In   addition   to   the   very   public   projects   such   as   these,   the Association   continues   to   make   individual   connections   to   Veterans   and people of the wartime generation of WWII and their families. We look forward to many interesting exchanges in 2009. Happy Holidays to you and yours and Best Wishes to everyone for the New Year.      
Season's Greetings from Wartime Heritage December 18, 2008
Remembrance, like a candle, shines brightest during the holidays…