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Wartime Heritage and Battle Of Britain Day 2010 September 19, 2010   Both   in   Engand   where   the   Battle   was   fought   and   in   Canada,   September   19th   is   marked   as   Battle   of Britain   Day   Those   involved   in   achieving   this   Victory   included   Canadians   even   though   the   fight   took place in the air over England. September 19th is significant in that it is In   Canada,   the Air   Force   in   association   with   the Air   Force Association   of   Canada,   Canada Aviation   and Space   Museum,   Vintage   Wings   Canada   and   Canadian   Warplane   Heritage   Museum,   invited   the   people to   show   their   appreciation   to   veterans   and   especially   the   Canadians   who   participated   in   the   Battle of   Britain,   by   attending   a   stirring   and   highly   visual   event.   This   year’s   Battle   of   Britain   Ceremony featured   Fly-pasts   by   Vintage   Wings   of   Canada   and   Spitfires   and   Hurricanes,   Canadian   Warplane Heritage   Museum’s Avro   Lancaster   and   by   Canadian   Forces   aircraft   such   as   the   CF-18   Hornet   fighter jet,   CC-130   Hercules,   and   CC-177   Globemaster   III.   The   parade   included   the   Central   Band   of   the Canadian   Forces,   the   Air   Command   Pipes   and   Drums,   Canadian   Forces   and   Air   Cadet   members   on parade alongside veterans. Visit the Canadian Air Force's Battle of Britain website for more information.   In   England,   for   the   70th Anniversary,   the   Wartime   Heritage   signed   the   virtual   Memorial   Wall   on   the   R oyal Mint's   website   with   the   caption   "To   'The   Few',   we   will   always   remember".   For   those   that   have   never   been to the Memorial at Capel-Le-Ferne, visit it today!". In   2005,   Wartime   Heritage   marked   the   60th   Anniversary   of   the   end   of   WWII   (including   VE   and   VJ   Day) with   the   Association's   first   international   performance   tour   of   its   2005   wartime   musical   production   of Time   to   Remember,   presenting   it   in   Canada   and   in   England. The   British   performance   tour   included   shows in   partnership   with   the Telegraphist Air   Gunners Association   in   Gosport,   Hampshire,   and   the   Royal   British Legion (Downs Branch) in Deal, Kent. The   performance   in   Deal   included   the   poem   High   Flight,   written   by   RCAF   pilot   ,   John   Gillespie   Magee, Jr.   who   in   his   youth   spent   time   at   a   school   near   Deal,   Kent,   UK.   It   was   an   opportunity   for   the Association to highlight one more wartime connection that Canada and England share.  
Wartime Heritage and Battle Of Britain Day 2010