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Wartime Heritage Introduces a New Website October 22, 2012 The   Wartime   Heritage Association   has   launched   its   new   website.   With   a   new   design   and   colour   scheme   the   site   will   focus   mainly   on the posting of articles and stories relating to World War I and World War II as  the Association moves toward its latest initiative. Over   the   years   the   research   and   development   of   material   for   scripts,   research   conducted   by   history   students   at   Yarmouth Consolidated   Memorial   High   School,   and   various   initiatives   undertaken   by   individual   members   of   the Association   have   resulted   in   a large   collection   of   stories   and   articles.   The   material   collected   relates   to   Veterans,   RCAF   Station   Yarmouth   (East   and   West   Camps), Camp   60   (Canadian   Infantry   Basic   Training   Center),   Telegraphist Air   Gunners   (Fleet Air Arm   Royal   Navy)   and   the   recollections   of   the war   years,   especially   by   individuals   in   the   Yarmouth   area.      Some   of   the   material   has   been   presented   in   various   stage   and   video productions but has not been presented in written articles or story format. “The   time   has   come   to   start   writing   and   publishing   some   of   this   material.”   said   the Association   President,   George   Egan.   “There   are filing   cabinets   and   boxes   full   of   material   and   my   hope   is   that   all   this   material   can   be   reviewed,   organized,   and   published   on   the Wartime Heritage website.” The   major   focus   of   the   old   website   was   on   the   various   stage   and   video   productions   produced   between   2003   and   2008   by   440 Productions   and   Wartime   Heritage   whereas   the   major   focus   of   the   new   website   will   be   on   stories   and   articles.      The   new   website has   however,   maintained   the   majority   of   previously   posted   material,   including   the   news   items   and   performance   related   articles   and photo galleries.  The   new   website   will   be   updated   on   a   regular   basis   and   visitors   to   the   site   will   be   able   to   view   an   updated   list   to   the   story   and photo archives as well as material relating to the history of 440 Productions.    
Wartime Heritage Introduces a New Website October 22, 2012