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Putting Our History on Display February 26, 2008 Article in The Vanguard (Yarmouth NS) By Michael Gorman Gary    Gaudet    used    to    joke    that    Yarmouth    would    have    a    wartime museum   one   day   even   if   he   had   to   work   at   it   until   he   turned   70. Fortunately   for   Gaudet,   steps   are   being   taken   towards   that   goal   just a little bit sooner. Gaudet,    along    with    other    members    of    the    Wartime    Heritage Association    (WHA,    also    known    as    440    Productions)    is    helping    to organize   an   exhibit   at   the   Yarmouth   Mall   that   will   show   and   tell   the story of Yarmouth's connection to World War II. The   exhibit   will   be   heavy   on   stories   and   items   from   East   Camp,   West   Camp   and   Camp   60   as   well   as   people   connected   to Yarmouth   through   their   training.   It   will   also   serve   as   an   opportunity   for   the   WHA   to   exhibit   some   of   the   things   they   have collected through the years. "(Very   few   people)   know   20,000   guys   went   through   Camp   60,"   said   Gaudet.   "That's   more   than   we've   ever   had   in   the   town   (as a population) and that's not even counting any of the air stuff [air and naval services]." The   exhibit   will   also   feature   pictures   and   information   from   the   work   of   the   WHA,   which   includes   video   productions   and   stage tours to legions throughout the province and in England. George   Egan,   the   director   of   the   WHA,   said   that   while   support   for   veterans   and   war   history   is   high   on   and   around   Nov.   11 each   year,   he's   hoping   exhibits   such   as   this   one   can   help   preserve   such   memories   not   only   on   a   more   regular   basis,   but   also for many years to come. "Hopefully   we   will   stir   some   interest   in   the   community   in   making   the   wartime   history   of   the   town   a   little   bit   more   dominant than   it   has   been,"   he   said.   "There   is   an   urgency,   of   sorts,   to   do   this   because   the   further   we   get   away   from   that   the   more   and more one tends to forget." The   space   for   the   exhibit,   which   organizers   are   hoping   to   have   opened   by   the   end   of   the   month,   is   located   in   the   central part   of   the   mall   and   could   possibly   be   set   up   in   such   a   way   so   that   people   will   be   able   to   pass   through   at   their   leisure without having to have the space staffed. Linda   Deveau   of   the   Yarmouth   Mall   said   the   effort   is   in   line   with   the   mall's   goal   of   integrating   the   retail   side   of   things   with work   for   the   community.   Just   like   groups   that   do   fundraisers   or   demonstrations,   Deveau   was   only   too   happy   to   welcome   the WHA, which, she said, would have the space until a business wants to lease it. But   beyond   helping   the   community,   Deveau   said   the   subject   is   one   that   is   important   to   her   and   that   she   believes   should   be promoted. "I   have   a   brother   who   is   a   lieutenant-colonel   in   the   air   force   here   in   Canada   so   these   are   stories   and   people   that   are   very dear to my heart," she said. Gaudet   said   it   can   be   frustrating   trying   to   convince   people   of   the   value   of   such   information,   especially   considering   how valued   it   is   in   other   parts   of   the   world.   This   exhibit,   he   said,   is   a   step   in   the   right   direction   to   putting   the   information   out there so it is accessible to as many people as possible. Egan   said   the   group   is   always   happy   to   accept   stories   and   artifacts   from   people   wishing   to   donate   or   lend   them.   Much   of what   the   group   has   came   to   them   from   veterans   and   the   families   of   veterans.   They   will   go   a   long   way,   he   said,   to   achieving the group's ultimate goal. "It's   been   a   dream   for   a   very   long   time   that   we   have,   in   the   town   of   Yarmouth,   a   place   that   allows   people   to   know   about   the wartime history of the town, the area and the connection that Yarmouth has to the rest of the world through World War II."      
Putting Our History on Display
Gary Gaudet - (Photo by Michael Gorman)