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Keeping Our Wartime Heritage Alive February 26, 2008 Editorial in The Vanguard (Yarmouth NS) By The Vanguard Staff The   project   being   put   forth   by   the   Wartime   Heritage   Association   to   highlight   Yarmouth’s   role   in   the   Second   World   War   is   surely   going   to open   a   lot   of   eyes   as   people   view   the   exhibits   at   the   Yarmouth   Mall site. As   pointed   our   in   our   story   on   Page   21,   this   community   was   a   bustling one   during   the   last   world   war   with   an   army   base   off   Parade   Street   and East and West Camps at the airport. Thousands   of   people   were   stationed   here   during   the   war   and   for   many of them this place holds a lot of memories. Our   newsroom   routinely   hears   from   what   are   now   elderly   people   who were   stationed   here   and   have   moved   back   overseas.   They   always   write to   us   with   fondness   about   the   community   they   called   home   for   part   of the   war   years.   And,   of   course,   some   who   came   here   during   the   war stayed with us afterwards and made their mark on the community. But   we   suspect   many   people   will   be   surprised   by   the   exhibit   at   the mall. Surprised   and   maybe   astounded   by   what   this   community   was   during   the war years. Historical   accounts   of   the   Second   World   War   quite   naturally   focus   on   the   battlefields   across   the   ocean   and   we   often   tend   to forget that Yarmouth was involved in the training of so many people during the war. In   recent   years   the   East   Camp   veterans   did   a   great   deal   to   rekindle   interest   in   their   base   at   the   airport.   They   held   reunions, contributed to the historical archives and dedicated a small monument near the cenotaph. The   exuberance   with   which   these   folks   attended   the   reunions   staged   in   this   area   clearly   illustrates   how   deeply   they   felt   not only for East Camp but for the town as a whole. The   exhibits   at   the   mall   will,   we’re   sure,   spark   renewed   interest   in   Yarmouth’s   wartime   years   and   those   responsible   for   the display are to be commended for ensuring a big and important part of our history does not go unnoticed.    
Keeping Our Wartime Heritage Alive