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440 Productions Supports The Establishment Of Veterans’ Day In England June 27, 2006 Veterans Day in England is June 27th Veterans' Day An   annual   day   has   been   designated   to   honour   UK   veterans.   Former   servicemen   and   women   are   to   be   honoured   on   June   27th   every   year   at   a   series   of   ceremonies   across   the UK, it has been announced. Chancellor   Gordon   Brown,   who   announced   the   plans   for   the   annual   event,   said   the   aim was to ensure the contribution of veterans was "never forgotten". “The   commemorative   day   will   be   a   permanent   extension   of   Veterans   Awareness   Week   which   was   held   for   the   first   time   last year”, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said. 440   Productions Association   performed   in   England   during   the   inaugural   Veterans’ Awareness   Week   in   2005.   In   Deal,   Kent   ‘Time to   Remember   –   A   Tribute   to   the   Men   and   Women   of   WWII’   was   presented   as   part   of   Deal’s   commemorations   marking   the   60th Anniversary   of   the   end   of   WWII   in   Europe   during   England’s   inaugural   Veterans Awareness   Week   from   July   2nd   to   the   10th.   The week was significant as it fell midway between VE Day and VJ Day. The   performances   were   held   July   4th   and   5th   at   the Astor   Theatre Arts   Centre   in   Deal   in   partnership   with   the   Downs   Branch   of the Royal British Legion. “It   is   encouraging   to   see   that   the   efforts   and   initiatives   of   remembrance   that   came   from   Veterans   Awareness   Week   will continue with the establishment of a special day for Veterans across the UK”, Glen Gaudet from 440 said.
440 Productions Supports The Establishment Of Veterans’ Day In England