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Wartime Heritage Project Started at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School October 2, 2007 Some   thirty-six   students   of   the   Global   History   12   class   at   Yarmouth   High   will   undertake   wartime   history   research   during October and November 2007 in conjunction with the Wartime Heritage Association. Th e   assignment   for   students   is   based   upon   the   belief   that the   best   way   to   learn   about   wartime   history   and   heritage is    to    talk    with    those    who    can    share    the    stories    of individuals   who   experienced   the   war   years.   Students   are asked   to   interview   an   individual   who   experienced   the   war years. “Yarmouth    is    rich    in    wartime    history.”    George    Egan, history   teacher   at   YCMHS   told   his   students.   “Begin   with your   own   family   history. Talk   with   family   members   first.   If there   is   no   family   member   who   can   assist   contact   the local   Legion   as   they   may   be   of   assistance   in   putting   you   in contact    with    a    World    War    II    Veteran.    There    is    also Veterans   Place   located   at   the   hospital   complex.   Yarmouth also has many war brides.” Many   international   students   at   Yarmouth   High   take   the   Global   History   class   and   also   participate   in   the   research   project.   In previous years international students have written about Veterans and relatives from their own country. Students of Global History have been conducting wartime research since 1989. During   World   War   II,   a   Canadian   Infantry   Basic   Training   Camp   was   located   at   Yarmouth.   At   Camp   60   young   men   from   across the country received their basic training. Also located at Yarmouth were two air bases: East and West Camp. East   Camp   was   a   training   facility   for   Telegraphist   Air   Gunners   of   the   Royal   British   Navy.   Young   men   from   England   trained   at Yarmouth   for   the   British   Carrier   Fleets   between   1942   and   1945.   West   Camp   was   an   RCAF Air   Base   from   which   reconnaissance operations   where   conducted   and   anti-sub   patrols   were   carried   out   as   protection   for   the   military   convoys   and   general shipping. The   Wartime   Heritage   Association   is   a   group   of   young   Canadians   (former   students   of   Yarmouth   High)   interested   in   wartime history   and   heritage.   Over   the   past   fifteen   years   many   students   have   participated   in   a   variety   of   projects   including   stage productions,   movies,   and   research.   The   Association   was   formerly   440   Productions.   Each   project   consisted   of   a   group   of between   18   and   60   students.   From   2004   to   2007   the   Association   presented   a   series   of   stage   wartime   musicals,   performed across   Nova   Scotia   and   in   England.   The   group   maintains   an   association   with   British   Telegraphist   Air   Gunners   trained   in Yarmouth   during   the   war   years   and   has   attended   Annual   TAGA   Memorial   Weekends   in   England.   The   group   also   maintains   a website that archives the history of the Association and research: Students   who   have   participated   in   the   wartime   history   research   projects   and   have   interviewed   and   written   about   relatives who lived during the war years often consider this to be the most interesting aspect of the course. Stories   of   specific   individuals   and   war-related   events   have   been   included   in   a   number   of   the   stage   productions,   newsletters, and these stories have been told both across Nova Scotia and in England. The   student   research   conducted   during   2007   will   be   archived   with   the   Wartime   Heritage   Association   and   will   include   a written   paper   with   photos,   letters,   or   other   documents   that   are   available. Audio   and   or   video   tapes   are   also   submitted   with the research document.
Wartime Heritage Project Started at Yarmouth Consolidated Memorial High School
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