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440 Productions Recognises 2006 as Year of the War Bride February 9, 2006 440 Productions joins the Canadian War Bride Association in marking 2006 as Year of the War Bride. Glen Gaudet, Project Manager for 440 Productions, attended the commemorative event held at Pier 21 on February 9th, 2006. February 9th marked the 60th Anniversary (1946-2006) of the arrival of the Mauritania II at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The arrival of the Mauritania February 9, 1946, with 943 servicemen's dependants on board heralded the beginning of an unprecedented immigrant wave that saw more than 45000 War Brides and Children transported to this country in the span of one short year. By the time these transportations were over nearly 65000 would call Canada their home. Alan Hitchon and his mother - photo taken on board the RMS Mauritania February 5, 1946 as it departed from Liverpool, England for Halifax Although War Brides would come to Canada over a number of years, seventy percent of all the War Brides and children of Canadian servicemen came in 1946. Ninety percent of all War Brides and their dependants would come from Great Britain yet there were also many from France, Holland and other countries; even Germany and Italy. Today, more than one in thirty or 1 million Canadians can count a family tree connection to a War Bride. 440 Productions paid tribute to Canadian War Brides in the performances of, Tribute to Courage (2002-2003) and Time to Remember - Songs and Stories of the War Years (2003-2004) by telling the specific stories of three Nova Scotian War Brides. These scenes included the stories of how they met their husband's in England, their Atlantic crossing, arrival at Pier 21, and their adjustment to life in rural Nova Scotia. Wartime Heritage is proud to acknowledge War Brides and their rich contributions to Canada and Canadian culture. Many of them have played a significant role in the shaping of the Canada as we know it today and are an important part of our Canadian heritage. For more information on Canadian War Brides visit the Canadian War Bride Association website at
2006 as Year of the War Bride
War Bride and her son