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In December of 1917, Adeline Marie Boudreau was twenty four. Rene Paul Gaudet was twenty-one. Both were from Melbourne, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia. Rene enlisted with the 219th Battalion in June, 1916 and served with the 85th Battalion in France. Throughout the war Rene wrote many letters to Addie always addressing her as “Dear Friend” and often signed his letters as “a friend”. France January 1, 1918 Dear Friend It is with pleasure that I sat down to answer your letter which I received and was as ever glad to hear from you and to known that you were all well as your letter found us in the same blessing. Well we were in the front line trenches xmas day so we did not get a very good dinner but we got it today and you bet it was a good one and I enjoyed it fine and we had all we wanted to eat. To start with we had turkey and gravy and everything else good. I only had one meal today and that did me. I guess you will think I was a hog but I can tell you I ate my full. I got a box from the Yarmouth Red Cross yesterday and I had a plum pudding, but I haven’t eaten any of it yet but I will get at it pretty soon. I hope you got your little xmas present that I sent you all right. I could not send very much. I would of liked to send everybody one but I could not. I only sent one to Maggie. Well, we are having fine weather over here now. There is a little snow on the ground now, but it isn’t cold. We had a fine trip in. I was telling you about our platoon officer batman going to Blighty on leave and I had his place. Well, he came back with us on Wednesday and on Saturday he got killed. It was too bad where he was just back and I guess I am going to be batman now for a while anyway. It’s a good job. I don’t have very much to do, only about two hours in the morning and than I am done for the day. Well |I got a letter from Henry yesterday and he was talking about enlisting in the Navy if they don’t draft him soon. I can’t think of any more to write, will close, hope to hear from you again soon. I remain as ever, yours truly, Rene. best love to all au revoir
Christmas Card for Addie 1917
Christmas Card to Addie (December 1917)
Rene Paul Gaudet and Adeline (Addie) Marie Boudreau were married on November 18, 1919 at St Michael’s Church, Wedgeport, Yarmouth Co., NS.