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St. James Cemetery St. James Cemetery lies on a rolling hillside beneath Dover Castle on the outskirts of Dover. Here one finds graves from branches of the services from World War I and World War II. Spread throughout are the final resting places of some eighteen Canadians. World War I Among the Canadian graves are two Nova Scotians; Harry Webster Smith of Halifax, NS with the Canadian Infantry (Nova Scotia Regiment), died on September 21, 1916 at the age of 27; and John Joseph Cann, of Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, NS with the Canadian Infantry (Central Ontario Regiment, 3rd Battalion) died on September 17, 1915. During the First World War, Dover was a port of departure for troops going to the Western Front. Between August 1914 and August 1919 some 1,300,000 Commonwealth sick and wounded were landed at Dover. The port was bombed in 1915 and again in August 1916. The Cemetery contains 392 First World War burials (10 of them unidentified) in several plots in various parts of the burial ground. One of these plots contains the graves of seamen and Marines killed during the raid on Zeebruge in Belgium, an important German submarine base, in 1918. World War II In 1940, Dover was the headquarters for the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk and nearly 200,000 of the 366,000 British and Allied troops brought back during the operation were landed there. Throughout the war, Dover was a particular target for the long range guns on the French coast. Most of the 356 Second World War burials are contained in a special war graves plot at the far end of the cemetery. The plot, known as the Dunkirk plot, contains many graves from the Dunkirk operation. 22 of these burials are unidentified. There are also 8 Foreign National war burials and 2 non war service burials in the cemetery. Mary Eldridge, Roger Tyack of the Downs Branch, Royal British Legion, and Glen Gaudet and George Egan of Wartime Heritage spent the afternoon of April 15, 2006 visiting several sites in the Deal and Dover area of Kent, England including St, James Cemetery. Also see: Photo Collection St James Cemetery
St. James Cemetery - Dover, England
St. James Cemetery In Dover, England
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Private Cann died of his wounds in the Military Hospital in Dover, Kent, aged 23 A miner by trade, he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force on March 26, 1915, in Sydney, Cape Breton County, Nova Scotia, Canada. On June 15,1915, he embarked from Halifax, Nova Scotia with his regiment, sailing to England on the SS Caledonia.
Private Smith Died of wounds in the Military Hospital in Dover, Kent, aged 28 A stevedore by trade, he enlisted n the Canadian Expeditionary Force on November 12, 1914 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. On March 20, 1915, he embarked from Halifax sailing to England on the SS Saxonia