Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
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Jennifer Meyer, the daughter of Telegraphist Air Gunner, Robert Ross who trained in Yarmouth during the second world war as a telegraphist air gunner, fulfilling, in part, a dream of her father, visited Yarmouth, NS on August 4, 2019. “I know it was a dream of his to visit where he did his training but he was never able to. I think he would be proud that I did not forget about this and how much it meant to him.” Her two children, Rosie, age 12 and Will, age 15, travelled with her. “I think it’s important for my children to understand this too … they never got to meet him. This is part of their heritage that I want to pass on to them.” The visit to Yarmouth followed a contact with Wartime Heritage and the family spent an afternoon at the home of George Egan, Chairman of the Association where they were able to learn more about East Camp, the training, and the experience of telegraphist air gunners trained in Yarmouth during WWII. They were able to examine some of the artefacts in the Wartime Heritage collection, see the uniforms of East Camp, and learn answers to questions about the training, and the wartime association of Yarmouth with the young British men of the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy. The family, accompanied by Glen and Gary Gaudet of the Wartime Heritage Association, also visited the Memorial located on the site of East Camp and the display of RCAF Station Yarmouth at the local airport. The Association presented Jennifer with an historical record and pictures of East Camp, including one of her father’s Course photo. Rosie, her daughter, and her son, Will, were presented with framed certificates in memory of their grandfather and in recognition of their visit to Yarmouth. The certificates included nails used in construction of East Camp retrieved from the site. Jennifer and her two children live in Illinois, US. Robert Ross was born in Glasgow, Scotland and following his training with Class 131 at HMS Royal Arthur in the UK, was sent to Canada for his training as a telegraphist and air gunner at East Camp in April 1943. Returning to the United Kingdom, he served with Fleet Air Arm Squadrons 771 and 785 of the Royal Navy. After World War II, Robert Ross worked in Sierra Leone, West Africa, with the Port Authority in Freetown for thirteen years. In 1968 he moved to Galveston, Texas and was employed as the Port of Galveston Harbormaster and Assistant Director of Operation until his retirement. Robert Ross died in 1994.
Fulfilling the Dream of a Father and Grandfather
Robert Ross, Telegraphist Air Gunner, WWII