Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
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67th Anniversary Service - Telegraphist Air Gunners Sunday, May 18, 2014 The Telegraphist Air Gunners (TAG) Association 67th Anniversary Annual Service at the FAA Memorial Lee on the Solent Seven   former   Telegraphist   Air   Gunners   attended   the   67th   Annual   Service   at   the   Fleet   Air   Arm   Memorial.   The   service   was conducted   by   the   Reverend   Dr.   Paul   Chamberlain,   Vicar   of   St.   Faith’s   Church,   Lee-on_Solent   and   the   Reverend   Simon   Horne,   Royal Navy,   Chaplain   of   HMS   Sultan.      Patron   of   the   Fleet Air Arm Association,   Vice Admiral   Sir Adrian   Johns   KCB   CBE ADC   KST   and   Captain Blackman OBE the Assistant Chief of Staff Aviation, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Gosport also attended the ceremony.   An HMS Sultan Guard was present and music was provided by the Blendworth Brass Band. Telegraphist Air   Gunners   served   the   Fleet Air Arm   from   1922   –   1950   providing   communication   by   Morse   Code   and   manning   the   rear gun.   3,000   were   trained   in   the   28   year   life   span   of   the   Branch.   TAGs   were   trained   during   WWII   in   England   and   in   Yarmouth,   Nova Scotia, Canada. Most TAGs served only for the period of WWII, returning to civilian occupations in 1945-1946.  Followi ng the Ceremony the seven TAGs, family members ,and guests attended a luncheon at the Lee Golf Club. photos and article: