Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
Commemorating the 65th Anniversary of the Arrival of Telegraphist Air Gunners in Yarmouth December 28, 2007 65   years   ago   in   December   of   1944,   the   first   group   of   Telegraphist   Air Gunners   of   the   Fleet   Air   Arm   of   the   Royal   Navy   arrived   in   Yarmouth,   Nova   Scotia from England, to begin their training during the Second World War. From   shortly   before   Christmas   of   1942   until   the   spring   of   1945,   No.   2   TAGS (Telegraphist Air   Gunners   School)   of   the   Royal   Navy   trained   Telegraphist Air Gunners   at   East   Camp.   The   school   could   accommodate   approximately   480 TAGs   at   a   time.   Most   of   the   TAGs   were   from   England,   with   a   few   from Canada and elsewhere. The   first   Course   to   arrive   was   Course   #   45A.   The   “A”   denotes   courses trained   at   in   Yarmouth,   NS,   versus   course   numbers   without   the   “A”   that represent   courses   trained   at   Lee-On-Solent   near   Portsmouth,   Hampshire   in England. This   65th   Anniversary   reminds   us   of   the   importance   of   remembering   and the   Wartime   Heritage   Association   will   be   restoring   the   Memorial   bench   on the former site of East Camp later in 2008-2009. The   bench   was   placed   near   the   monument   in   1989   by   the   East   and   West Camp   Association   with   an   inscription   that   reads,   "East   Campers   Say   Relax and    Enjoy".    Over    the    years,    the    condition    of    the    wooden    bench    has deteriorated. The   monument   itself   was   placed   on   the   site   of   East   Camp   in   September   of 1988. Wartime   Heritage   has   concluded   consultations   with   Veterans   who   were   members   of   the   East   and   West   Camp Association   and   the Telegraphist   Air   Gunners   Association   to   ask   for   their   input   on   the   restoration   and   they   agreed.   These   Veterans   served   at   either East or West Camp during WWII.    
East Camp WWII Monument and Bench
East Camp WWII Monument
Telegraphist Air Gunners, Course 45A at East Camp
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