Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
   Remembering WWII Veteran & Telegraphist Air Gunner Leslie Hodges (1926-2012) May 30, 2012   Leslie   Hodges   passed   away   May   17,   2012   aged   86;   a   service   was   held   Friday   May   25,   2012.   He   served   as   a   Telegraphist   Air   Gunner   in   the   Royal   Navy   during   the   Second World War; from Epsom, Surrey in England. As   part   of   his   training   as   a   Telegraphist   Air   Gunner   during   WWII   in   1944,   Hodges spent   time   in   Yarmouth   Nova   Scotia   stationed   at   NAGS   (Royal   Navy's   Naval   Air Gunnery School) at RCAF Station Yarmouth. Leslie   Hodges   was   a   friend   of   the   Wartime   Heritage Association   and   was   involved   in sharing   some   of   his   wartime   experiences   and   historical   information.   It   was   an honour   to   have   known   him   and   he   will   be   remembered   by   all   those   with   Wartime Heritage that had the opportunity to meet Leslie during his visit to Canada in 2011. He   will   be   missed   by   our   members   and   remembered   always.   We   extend   our   sincere condolences to his family and friends in the UK. The   Association   was   fortunate   to   have   the   opportunity   to   host   Leslie   Hodges   in Yarmouth in 2011, some 67 years since the last time he visited our shores. Hodges'   visit   to Yarmouth   was   featured   recently   (August   30,   2011)   in   the Yarmouth   Vanguard   in   the   article,   "British   East   Camp Veteran returns to Yarmouth" Hosting   Veterans   on   their   return   visits   to   Nova   Scotia   is   part   of   the   Wartime   Heritage Association’s   Veterans   Return   initiative. Eight Veterans and their family members have taken part since 2005; travelling from as far as Australia and England.
Leslie Hodges
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