Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
The Inimitable Ken Davies, PO(A) TAG December 1, 2010 An obituary by Roy Gibbs; Obituaries and notices of death 2010 from Our   old   comrade   Ken   "passed   over   the   bar"   in   September   at   the   great   age   of   87.   He   volunteered   for Aircrew   early   in   WW2   under the Fleet Air Arm Y Scheme and was accepted as a Telegraphist Air Gunner. Having   been   through   the   usual   joining   period   at   HMS   Royal   Arthur,   he    started   his   Initial   TAGS   training   at   HMS   St.   Vincent, graduating   from   there   to   Flying   Training   at   RNAS   Worthy   Down.   Having   successfully   won   his   wings   he   joined   758   Squadron   in 1943,   then   on   to   766   squadron   followed   by   a   short   period   with   813   in Gibraltar.   He   was   then   drafted   to   845   squadron   on   HMS   Battler   in   the Indian   Ocean.   It   was   here   he   was   involved   in   the   sinking   of   the   German tanker,   Brake   that   had   been   supplying   enemy   submarines.   1945   saw   him back    at    Lee-on-Solent    with    798    squadron    until    he    was    released    and referred   to   the   Royal   Fleet   Reserve.   Ken   was   a   dedicated   Swordfish   man and   did   all   his   flying   service   in   these   obsolete   biplanes   which   still   managed to carry out so many operations for the Fleet Air Arm. On   his   return   to   "Civvy   Street"   he   went   back   to   his   career   in   Banking   and successfully worked his way up to a Senior Manager. When   the   TAGA   Hon   Sec   resigned   some   25   years   ago,   Ken   volunteered   for the   job.   He   was   a   great   Hon   Sec   nothing   was   ever   too   much   trouble   and   as other    Officers    died    he    took    on    their    jobs,    finishing    up    as    Hon    Sec, Membership   Sec,   Association   Archivist   and   Magazine   Distributor.   He   was greatly   assisted   in   all   these   tasks   by   his   wife   Barbara   who   continued   to deal   with   his   work   while   he   was   fighting,   what   was   to   be   his   final   illness. He   will   be   very   missed   and   I   would   like   to   offer   a   big   thank   you,   from   the Association    to    Barbara    who    is    still    holding    down    the    job    until    the Association can come to terms with his loss. He leaves behind his loving wife and daughter and his latest pride and joy; two grandchildren. Happy landings Ken and I hope you always pick up the first wire.
Roy Gibbs & Ken Davies
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