Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
Remembering WWII Veteran Roy John William Gibbs (1925-2011) April 13, 2011 Roy   Gibbs   passed   away   April   13,   2011.   He   served   as   a   Telegraphist   Air   Gunner   in   the   Royal   Navy   during   the   Second   World   War   and   was   from   Orpington,   Kent   in England.   He   held   a   number   of   position   on   the   board   of   the   Telegraphist   Air Gunners Association (TAGA) and was Editor of their Newsletter. Roy   Gibbs   was   a   friend   of   the   Wartime   Heritage   Association   and   was   involved   in sharing    some    of    his    wartime    experiences    and    historical    information,    which contributed   to   the   Association’s   wartime   theatrical   stage   musical   productions.   It was   an   honour   to   have   known   him   and   he   will   be   remembered   by   all   those   with Wartime   Heritage   that   had   the   opportunity   to   meet   Roy   during   the   Telegraphist Air   Gunners   Association's   (TAGA)   events   and   Annual   Memorial   Weekends   in   Lee- On-Solent, Hampshire, UK between 2004 and 2007. Roy   was   an   excellent   contact   for   the   Wartime   Heritage   Association   in   preparing to perform for the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association at their reunions. The    obituary    from    the   Telegraph    (    Roy    John William   Gibbs,   suddenly   on   12th April   aged   86.   Dearly   loved   and   devoted   husband of   64   years   of   Joan,   much   loved,   wonderful   father   of   Avril   and   grandfather   of Alexander   and   father-in-law   of Alastair.   He   will   be   greatly   missed   by   family   and   friends.   Funeral   Service   is   at   the   Beckenham Crematorium,   Wednesday,   May   4th,   2011,   at   2:15   pm.   Immediate   family   flowers   only   please.   Donations,   if   desired,   to   the British   Heart   Foundation.   Enquiries   to   Francis   Chappell   &   Sons,   Boundary   Place,   Sevenoaks   Road,   Orpington,   Kent,   BR6   9JW, tel: 01689 875116. He   will   be   missed   by   our   members   and   remembered   always.   We   extend   our   sincere   condolences   to   his   wife   Joan,   his   daughter Avril, the rest of his family, and TAGA friends.  
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