Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
Claude Sylvester Snoxell - Telegraphist Air Gunner CS Snoxell started his naval career as a boy sailor on HMS Arethusa. He joined the Fleet Air Arm as a Wireless - Telegraphist-Air Gunner and spent the period 1923 - 1941 with Britain’s carrier forces. Among the ships on which he served were H.M.S. Argus , H.M.S. Courageous, H.M.S. Illustrious and H.M.S. Furious. He saw service around the world with the majority spent in the Far East and in 1941 joined the Naval Training Establishment at Worthy Down. He retired with a rank of Chief Petty Officer and died in 1971. He was buried at sea off Portsmouth in 1971 with full military honours. Photo Credit: Chris Young Source:
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