Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
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Ronald Levy (Course 48A)
Photo Credit: Courtesy Gwen Trask
Members of the Telegraphist Air Gunner’s Association Cole, J. A. (John) Course 48A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Crawford, Robert G. Course 48A (TAGA Member) (Died January 15, 1981, aged 56) Flowers, G. F. (George) Course 48A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Gilbert, R. (Ron) Course 48A (membership listing 1985) Hartwell, A. A. (Albert) Course 48A (membership listing 2004/05) Harvey, H. W. Course 48A (membership listing 1985) Smeeton, F. (Frank) Course 48a/49A (membership listing 2004/05) Vincent, S.A. (Sid; “Vince”) Course 48A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Squadron Leader with Royal New Zealand Air Force (retired 1986) Wright, A. E. J. (Alf) Course 48A (membership listing 2004/05)