Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
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Members of the Telegraphist Air Gunner’s Association Baillie, R, (Bob) Course 54A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Bryant, J. (Jack) Course 54A/55A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) (Died; March 22, 2016; Aged 90; former editor of the TAGA Magazine) Colley, J. (Joe) Course 54A (membership listing 1985) Conway, B, (Brian) Course 54A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Cox, D. W. (Dennis; “Bash”) Course 54A (membership listing 2004/05) Harrison, R. A. (Reg) Course 54A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Jewell, N. (Norman) Course 54A (membership listing 1985/2004/05) Mayes, J. P. (Johnny; “Nobby) Course 54A (membership listing 2004/05) Pankhurst, R. D. (Ron) Course 54A (membership listing 2004/05) Walton, F. (Frank) Course 54A (membership listing 1985/ 2004/05) Wells, R. T. (Ron) Course 54A (membership listing 2004/05) Additional Information: Aked, Len (Course 54A) Coyte, Rusty (Course 54A) Harvey, Jim (Course 54A) Higgins, W (Bill) Course 54A) Bill Higgins married a nurse at Yarmouth Hughes, “Scotty” (Course 54A) Mahon, “Paddy” (Course 54A) (After training at Yarmouth, Jim Harvey, Scotty Hughes, Paddt Mahon, Jack Bryant, and Norman Jewell went to Lewiston, Maine.) [TAGA Journal September 1975]
Launched from HMS Warsprite, the Swordfish crewed by Pilot Ben Rice, Observer, Benny Bolt, and TAG Maurice Pacey, shadow and report the Italian Fleet at Matapan. Drawing by Jack Bryant (Course 54A)
Photo Credit: TAGS Journal Cover December 1978