Remembering the Telegraphist Air Gunners
Wartime Heritage Remembers WWII Veteran David Kenneth Davies (1923-2010) September 10, 2010 David   K   Davies,   PO(A)   TAG3,   passed   away   September   9,   2010.   Ken   was   born   on   25   June   1923,   he   served   as   a   Telegraphist Air   Gunner   in   the   Royal   Navy   during   the   Second   World   War (See   the   news   item   from   December   2010   for   additional   detail)   and   is   from   Stevington   in Bedford, England. He was the Secretary of the Telegraphist Air Gunners Association (TAGA). Ken   Davies   was   a   friend   of   the   Wartime   Heritage   Association   and   was   involved   in   sharing some   of   his   wartime   experiences   and   historical   information,   which   contributed   to   the Association’s   wartime   theatrical   stage   musical   productions.   It   was   an   honour   to   have   known him    and    he    will    be    remembered    by    all    those    with    Wartime    Heritage    that    had    the opportunity   to   meet   Ken   during   the   Telegraphist Air   Gunners Association's   (TAGA)   events   and Annual Memorial Weekends in Lee-On-Solent, Hampshire, UK between 2004 and 2007. Ken   was   the   Wartime   Heritage   Association's   first   real   connection   to   the   Telegraphist   Air Gunners   Association   in   2003   when,   from   Yarmouth,   Nova   Scotia,   we   were   attempting   to connect   with   the   TAG's   in   England   and   explore   the   possibility   of   performing   for   these Veterans;   many   of   whom   had   trained   in   Yarmouth   during   the   war.   He   proved   to   be   an invaluable   liaison   in   coordinating   our   British   Time   to   Remember   Performance   Tours   from   (2004-2007)   and   his   assistance   and support made the whole venture possible. The   family   has   advised   that   the   funeral   service   takes   place   at   St   Mary's   Church,   Stevington,   Bedford   on   Wednesday   22nd September   at   12   noon.   Family   flowers   only   please   donations   for   Macmillan   Nurses,   Bedfordshire   may   be   sent   to Arnolds   Funeral Service, 48 Roff Avenue, Bedford 01234 359529 He   will   be   missed   by   our   members   and   remembered   always.   We   extend   our   sincere   condolences   to   his   wife   Barbara,   daughter Elizabeth and Grandchildren Anna and Joshua, the rest of his family, and TAGA friends.
Ken Davies
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