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Remembering WWII Nova Scotia Casualties
John Ernest Paine
Name: Rank: Service: Date of Death: Age at Death; Memorial: Additional Information:
Paine, John Ernest Storekeeper SS Gloucester Castle (London, England) Canadian Merchant Navy July 15, 1942 49 Merchant Navy War Memorial Tower Hill Panel 52 Commemorated on Page 205 of the Merchant Navy Book of Remembrance. Displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on April 23, September 20, and November 26 John Ernest Paine was the son of John and Kate Paine and husband of A. R. Paine, of Millwall, London, and father of E. Paine, of Halifax, Nova Scotia. On June 21, 1942 the SS Gloucester Castle sailed from Birkenhead, England for Cape Town, South Africa. Initially, the ship sailed in a convoy; however, the convoy dispersed on July 10. Five days later, July 15, the ship was shelled and sunk by the German surface raider Schiff 28, Michel at 7:00 pm. Tghe ship sank within ten minutes. On July 15, off the Ascension Islands, was shelled and sunk by the German surface raider Schiff 28, Michel. A shell demolished the bridge and radio room, killing all deck officers except the 2nd Mate. The three radio officers also died and no distress message was transmitted. Of the 154 people on board, 93 died, including 6 women, 3 men and 2 children who were passengers. The surviving crew members, two women and two child passengers were taken aboard the German supply ship Charlotte Schliemann and taken to Japan for internment. The commander of the Michel, Von Ruckteschell, was found guilty of war crimes and imprisoned at Spandau in 1946.