Camp 60, WWII (Yarmouth NS)
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Patrick McMullen Private F/97790 Royal Canadian Infantry Corps No. 60 Canadian Infantry Basic Training Centre, March 17, 1898 Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, NS May 11, 1942 Sydney, Nova SCotia Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, NS 44 5 feet, 5¼ inches Medium Blue Gray Miner Roman Catholic Married Gertrude McMullen (Wife) Reserve Mines July 7, 1942 (Yarmouth, NS) 44 St. Joseph Cemetery, Reserve Mines, NS Lot 131 Commemorated on Page 98 of the Second World War Book of Remembrance Displayed in the Memorial Chamber of the Peace Tower in Ottawa on March 2 Patrick McMullen was the son of William McMullen (1864-1940) and Elizabeth (McNeil) McMullen (1867- 1940) of Reserve Mines, NS. He was the husband of Gertrude (McPhee) McMullen (1896-1945) and father of Mary Rosina (b. 1925), Edith Theresa (1927-2005), John William (b. 1929), Norman (b. 1930, and Patrick (b. 1937). Patrick and Gertrude were married on November 27, 1923, in Sydney Mines, NS. (Some non-military records use the spelling of the last names as “McMullin”. Patrick Mullen attended school until the age of 14. He worked on the farm with his father for two years and was employed as a minor with the Dominion Coal Company for thirty years prior to his enlistment on May 11, 1942. He was conscripted for service during WWI; however, was rejected due to poor eye sight. His enlistment in May 1942 followed the closure of the mine at Reserve and a situation that required him to travel 30 miles to work each day. Private McMullen was taken on strength May 11, 1942. A military assessment indicated that “not likely to complete Basic training”. Patrick reluctantly admitted that he was overage and didn’t appear suitable for Forestry since he had no experience as a woodsman. The assessment concluded he may be eligible for employment with the RCMP as a special constable to guard bridges, etc. He was taken on strength at No. 60 Canadian Infantry Basic Training Centre, Yarmouth, NS on June 16, 1942. He was a member of 2 Platoon, A Company. At 7:40 am on July 7, 1942 he was taking P. T. when he fell to the ground unconscious. A Medical Officer was called and within a minute or two he arrived with a stretcher and Private McMullen was carried to the M. I. R. where upon examination he was pronounced dead. The time elapsing between the fall and pronouncement of death was not more than five or six minutes. It was concluded that he died the result of a fatal attack of coronary artery disease (heart attack). The body was returned to Reserve Mines for burial in St. Joseph Cemetery, Reserve Mines, NS. Gerturde McMullen died on August 7, 1945, leaving the four youngest children in the care of their older sister.
Patrick McMullen
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