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Remembering World War II Harry Arthur Maki Royal Canadian Air Force
Harry Arthur Maki Sergeant R/220059 115 Squadron, RCAF June 4, 1925 Sudbury, Ontario February 19, 1943 North Bay, Ontario Sudbury, Ontario 17 6 feet Fair Blue Light Brown Single Electrician Apprentice Lutheran Charles Maki (Father) Sudbury, Ontario April 25, 1944 18 Ottawa Memorial, Canada Panel 3. Column 5.
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On January 29, 1944, Sergeant Maki was taken on strength with 115 Squadron, RCAF at Patricia Bay, British Columbia. On April 25, 1944 Lockheed Ventura V2218 with a crew of six, including Sergeant Maki, of 115 Squadron from Patricia Bay en route to RCAF Tofina, Vancouver Island, British Columbia crashed into the summit of Mount Boldue some 3500 feet above sea level. Owing to the almost inaccessibility of the wreckage it was decided that the burial of the crew should take place at the scene of the crash. A single grave containing the six deceased personnel was blasted out of solid rock after removing some two feet of stone. The grave was lined with six inches of evergreen boughs on which the bodies were placed and were then covered with another layer of spruce boughs. There being no earth available, it was necessary to complete the grave with rock. A cairn was erected, surrounded on the grave which was inscribed the name and rank of each of the deceased personnel. The funeral services of the Protestant and Roman Catholic churches was conducted at the grave side.