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Remembering World War I Yarmouth Connections
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Albany Athanase d’Entremont
Albany Athanase d’Entremont On December 6, 1917, the day of the Halifax Explosion, Albany d’Entremont was a crew member aboard the Stella Maris. The ship was moving up to the Mont-Blanc at the time of the explosion. The crew was attempting to attach a line to the Mont Blanc to tow it away from Pier 6. When the Mont- Blanc exploded the Stella Maris was swamped and thrown up onto the shore. Captain Brannen and nineteen of the crew were killed including Albany. The second mate, and four of the crew including another Yarmouth County resident Anselm d’Entremont survived but Anselm would later die of his wounds on December 20th, bringing the ship’s total casualties to twenty- one. Albany died of shock due to injuries in the explosion. The family indicated that his body was recognized by his brother Ulysse Joseph by his ring. There is a photo of his ring and watch but none has yet been found of him. He was single at the time of his death; 28 years old. He was born October 9, 1889 and grew up in West Pubnico, the son of Louis Pius d'Entremont (1861-1932) and Marguerite Gaudet (1862-1960). He appeared in the Canadian Census records of 1891, 1901, 1911. In each case, he was recorded as living with his parents in West Pubnico. No burial site has been found for him although his death certificate showed that he was to be buried in West Pubnico. Albany Athanase d’Entremont’s name does not appear on the Yarmouth War Memorial.
photos: Courtesy of Bruce Brennan
Albany d’Entremont and Nellie D'Eon