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Remembering World War I Yarmouth Connections
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On December 6, 1917, the day of the Halifax Explosion, Anselm d’Entremont was a crew member aboard the Stella Maris. The ship was moving up to the Mont-Blanc at the time of the explosion. The crew was attempting to attach a line to the Mont Blanc to tow it away from Pier 6. When the Mont-Blanc exploded the Stella Maris was swamped and thrown up onto the shore. Captain Brannen and nineteen of the crew were killed. The second mate, and four of the crew including Alselm d’Entremont survived. Anselm was found in the engine room badly burned and died in the Victoria General Hospital, Halifax on December 20, 1917. He was the youngest son of Thadee and Venerante d’Entremont. He was born on December 5, 1890. He was married to Marie-Heniette d’Entremont and there with two children, Jeanne May (b. October 5, 1913) and Lawrence Anselme (b. 1915). The body arrived in Middle West Pubnico by Canadian National Railway. He was buried on December 24, 1917 at St. Pierre Cemetery, West Pubnico. Anselm d’Entremont’s name appears on the Yarmouth, Nova Scotia War Memorial
Anselm d’Entremont
Stella Maris
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Photos: courtesy of Bruce Brannen