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Remembering World War I Yarmouth Connections
1914 November 1, 1914 Cann, Malcolm Royal Canadian Navy (aboard HMS Good Hope) 1915 January 17, 1915 Foster, William H. Merchant Seaman (cook on Steamer, George Royle; ship struck mine) April 25, 1915 Saunders, Raymond A. 6th Battery, 2nd Artillery Brigade CFA (died in Battle of St. Julien) October 15, 1915 Hersey, Adelbert 25th Battalion (died from wounds) November 3, 1915 Hatfield, Arthur W. 25th Battalion (killed in action) December 26, 1915 Mullen, Edgar 64th Battalion (died of illness at Halifax, NS) 1916 January 3, 1916 Cossar, Ralph Avon 64th Battalion (died of illness, Halifax, NS) January 30, 1916 Bingay, Lloyd Woolsey (Veteran Boer War) 8th Battalion February 5, 1916 Studley, Enoch 85th Battalion (died of illness, Military Hospital, Halifax, NS) March 7, 1916 Jeffery, Amos R. 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) (killed in action; killed by sniper) March 21, 1916 McComiskey, Edward Charles 73 Battalion (died of illness, Montreal; not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) March 31, 1916 Blauvelt, Benjamin D. 194th Battalion, Edmonton, Alberta (died of illness, Edmonton, AB) April 11, 1916 Crosby, Keith B. 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) April 14, 1916 Dunphy, Lawrence 25th Battalion (killed in action - Battle of the Craters) April 27, 1916 Steele, Eleazer 25th Battalion (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) May 1, 1916 Stone, Thomas W. 5th Battalion, Canadian Machine Gun Company (killed in action) May 23, 1916 Hamilton, Arthur R. 1st Pioneers/40th Battalion June _, 1916 Jeffery, Sidney J. 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) (killed in action) June 2, 1916 Scott, Leonard W. 6th Canadian Mounted Rifles (killed Battle of Ypres) June 4, 1916 Gardner, E. Stanley 52nd Battalion (killed in action, Ypres) June 5, 1916 d'Entremont, Leo J. 112th Battalion/RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) (killed in action) June 14, 1916 Perry, Osborne Jonathan 8th Battalion June 15, 1916 Murree, Henry S. 25th Battalion (killed in action) July 5, 1916 Neitz, William H. 25th Battalion July 8, 1917 Murree, Edward 25th Battalion July 13, 1916 O'Brien, John K. 2nd Canadian Pioneer Battalion July 19, 1916 Gavel, Sidney John 53rd Australian Infantry Battalion July 24, 1916 Sweeney, Tracey T. 25th Battalion (killed in action) July 27, 1916 Forbes, Frank L. 6th Regiment Imperial Army (died of wounds) July 27, 1916 Hulsman, Chester Howard 3rd Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) August 1, 1916 Sanders, Clarence B. 25th Battalion (wounded on July 30) August 5, 1916 Pothier, Walter 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) September 15, 1916 Allen, Joseph Hamilton 27th Battalion (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) September 15, 1916 Turnball, George A. 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (killed in action) September 17, 1916 Doucette, Rene 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) September 21, 1916 Gray, Colin C. 85th Battalion (died of illness, Ste. Agathe Quebec Military Sanatorium) September 21, 1916 Smith, Harry Webster 25th Battalion (Buried at Dover (St. James's) Cemetery, Kent, United Kingdom) September 22, 1916 Doucette, Felix E. 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal)(died of wounds, Boulogne,France) September 23, 1916 Purdy, Charles Loran 2nd Battalion (Ontario) (wounded died in ambulance to hospital) September 25, 1916 Roy, David William 9th Howitzer Battery, 3rd Brigade Canadian Field Artillery September 28, 1916 Deveau, George E. 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) (killed in action) September 29, 1916 Morine, Donald L. 26th Battalion (New Brunswick) (aged 17) October 1, 1916 Robinson, Richard B. 25th Battalion October 1, 1916 Giles, Matthew 25th Battalion (killed in action) October 6, 1916 Delaney, Hiram F. 25th Battalion (died of wounds) October 11, 1916 Bain, Joseph G. 2nd Battalion (Ontario) (wounded two week earlier) November 9, 1916 Blackadar, G.W. Lee 46th Battalion November 22, 1916 Dixon, Ernest L. 4th Division 12th Machine Gun Company (joined at 17; killed in action) December 8, 1916 Tupper, Addie Allen Nursing Sister Canadian Army Medical Corps (died of illness, England) December 23, 1916 King, Joseph E. 112th Battalion (died of illness, hospital Bramshott, England) 1917 January 15, 1917 Bishara, John 25th Battalion (wounded in France; died in England) January 17, 1917 Annable, Frederick M. 25th Battalion (bugler; killed by sniper) January 18, 1917 Moulaison, John E. 25th Battalion (wounded on 17th) January 19, 1917 Doucette, G. Alphonso 165th Battalion (died of illness, St. John, NB) April 1, 1917 Larkin, Glendall Crowell SS Aztec (Lost at Sea) US Merchant Navy April 1, 1917 Larkin, Harry Lewsis SS Aztec (Lost at Sea) US Merchant Navy April 4, 1917 Ewan, Thayne M. Canadian Engineers Training Depot (died at Military Hospital, St. John’s, Quebec) April 4, 1917 Hersey, Frank 8th Canadian Siege Battery, Canadian Garrison Artillery (killed in action) April 4, 1917 Moses, George M. 85th Battalion April 9, 1917 d'Entremont, William R. 112th Battalion/25th Battalion (also William R; (killed in action, France) April 9, 1917 Kehoe, Donald Canadian Machine Gun Corps (6th Machine Gun Company) (killed in action) April 9, 1917 Walsh, J. Clarence 219th Battalion/42nd Battalion (wounded and missing; name also spelled “Welsh”) April 9, 1917 Stingel, Charles E. 3rd Battalion (killed in action) April 9, 1917 Wheaton, Jack Merritt 85th Battalion; Killed in Action Vimy Ridge assault (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) April 10, 1917 Giles, James Henry 13th Battalion (killed in action) April 10, 1917 Panell, Chester No. 2 Construction Battalion (died of illness, Stanley Auxiliary Hospital, Liverpool) April 11, 1917 Spates, Vernell 42nd Battalion (wounded April 9, 1917) April 18, 1917 Williams, J. Lewis Canadian Machine Gun Corps (6th Machine Gun Company) (killed in action) April 28, 1917 Kinney, Frank F. 25th Battalion April 28, 1917 Goodwin, Robert L. 25th Battalion (killed in action, Vimy) April 29, 1917 Goodwin, Merton H. 25th Battalion (killed in action, Vimy) April 29, 1917 Murree, Gordon S. 25th Battalion (killed in action, Vimy) April 29, 1917 Hemeon, Carl 25th Battalion (killed in action) April 29, 1917 Lewis, Eugene M. 25th Battalion April 29. 1917 Long, T. Harold 25th Battalion April 29, 1917 Muise, John Alfred 25th Battalion April 30, 1917 Allen, A. Spencer 18th Battalion/ 9th Squadron Royal Flying Corps May 3, 1917 Marshall, Ernest S. 2nd Battalion (Ontario) June 13, 1917 Crosby, Thomas Carleson 85th Battalion (Crosby, Thomas Carlton) (killed in action) June 13, 1917 Pierce, Douglas C. 85th Battalion (died of illness) June 15, 1917 Dexter, James W. 85th Battalion (gassed in France) June 16, 1917 Eldridge, J. Harvey 85th Battalion (killed in action, Lens) June 16, 1917 Chipman, Nathan L. 85th Battalion (killed in action, Lens) June 21, 1917 Gordon, Albert 25th Battalion (wounded April 16; died at Bramshott) June 23, 1917 King, Gordon Wiloughby USS Chicago, US Navy (died in hospital) June 24, 1917 Simms, Wilfred S. Royal Naval Reserve - HMS Kempton (Wilford S. Simms) (ship struck mine and sank) July 4, 1917 Anderson, Alexander John 26th Battalion (killed in action July 5, 1917 Ellis, Ernest Ethel 25th Battalion (killed in action) July 6, 1917 Muise, Nelson 25th Battalion (wounded; died in hospital) August 3, 1917 Crosby, Charles E. 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) August 15, 1917 Weddleton, Walter F. 25th Battalion (killed in action) August 16, 1917 Rogers, R. Lindsay 25 Battalion August 25, 1917 Jeffery, Clement C. 49th Battalion (killed in action, Hill 70) September 4, 1917 Boudreau, John M. No 2 Tunnelling Company (known as John Lawrence Budrow) October 9, 1917 Burgess, Arthur 5th Battalion, Canadian Siege Artillery (killed in accidental explosion in France) October 15, 1917 Smith, Thomas Wellsley 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) October 21, 1917 Pothier, Cryste C. 26th Battalion/3rd Canadian Railway Troops (also known Clayton Porter; accidental death) October 23, 1917 Borden, Adelbert J. 12 Canadian Mounted Rifles (became ill in England, died at Yarmouth NS) October 23, 1917 Smith, Edgar J. 10th Canadian Railway Troops (killed in action) October 26, 1917 McDonnell, Robert 144th Battalion (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) October 30, 1917 Clements, Simon 85th Battalion (killed at Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Crowell, Jonathan 85th Battalion (Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Doucette, Simon 85th Battalion (killed at Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Woolard, Edwin 85th Battalion (wounded and missing at Passchendaele) October 30, 1917 Moses, William S. 85th Battalion October 30, 1917 Rogers, Frank S. RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) November 6, 1917 Perry, Wilfred 120th Battalion (killed in action; Passchendaele) November 6, 1917 Wyman, Wilfred A. 25th Battalion (killed in action) November 7, 1917 Crowell, George 24th Battalion (Victoria Rifles, Montreal) (killed in action) December 6, 1917 d’Entremont, Albany A. SS Stella Marris (Tug) (killed in Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917) December 6, 1917 Doane, Henry Clinton Schooner F. W. Roebling (killed in Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917) December 12, 1917 Hemeon, Vance A. 4th Canadian Railway Troops (wounded November 30, 1917, France) December 20, 1917 d'Entremont, Anselm SS Stella Marris (Tug) (injured in Halifax Explosion December 6, 1917) 1918 January 16, 1918 Cann, Gilbert Franklin 85th Battalion (Gilbert Franklin) (recruiter in Canada; wounded on Jan. 14 in France) February 24, 1918 Powers, Henry William 85th Battalion (wounded February 3 at Lens; died in hospital Étaples, France) February 28, 1918 MacKinnon, Norman Scott Chief Skipper HMCS Niobe RCN; (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) March 17, 1918 Crowell, Thorpe D. 11th Reserve Battalion 7th Platoon US Army/1st Depot Battalion New Brunswick 13th Reserve Battalion (died of illness, Eastbourne, England) March 18, 1918 Durkee, Charles H. 219th Battalion “C” Company Home Guard (Halifax) March 21, 1918 Gayton, William A. 2nd Battalion (Ontario) (Amiens) March 22, 1918 Wright, John Joseph The King's (Liverpool Regiment) 1st/8th Battalion March 28, 1918 Clairmont, Pierre Recruit (died of illness Cogswell St. Military Hospital, Halifax (known as Peter Clairmont) March 28, 1918 Corning, Frank L. 13th Canadian Light Railway Operating Company (killed in France) April 3, 1918 MacGray, Benjamin H. 15th Reserve Battalion (died of illness in hospital Aldershot, England) April3, 1918 Price, Kenneth 10th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops April 6, 1918 Robbins, Joseph 1st Depot Battalion (died of illness, Halifax, NS) April 9, 1918 Amirault, Landry Recruit (died of illness Halifax) April 27, 1918 Roberts, Howard Lee 1st Depot Battalion (died of illness, Halifax, NS) May 17, 1918 Challoner, Joseph 1st Depot Battalion (died of illness, Halifax, NS) May 17, 1918 Sweeney, George 85th Battalion (died of wounds) May 29, 1918 Walsh, G. William Canadian Artillery (6th Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery) (died of wounds) June 8, 1918 Collier, Raymond Civilian/ 1st Depot Battalion New Brunswick (died at Sussex Camp NB;illness) July 1, 1918 Ellis, Ivan Earl US 26th Infantry Division, ‘B’ Company, (Killed in Action, France) July 23, 1918 Penney, Sidney Stephen 72nd Battalion (Killed in Action) July 27, 1918 Clements, Elkanah E. 85th Battalion (gassed at Passchendaele, France; returned to NS; died at home) August 5, 1918 McLaughlin, Horace J. 6th Battalion (twice wounded in battle; died in military hospital Étaples, France; illness) August 8, 1918 Holly, James Walter 25th Battalion August 9, 1918 Allen, Trueman M. 85th Battalion August 10, 1918 Gates, F. Roy 47th Battalion/161st Battalion (Killed in Action, France) August 10, 1918 Greenough, John R. 6th Howitzer, 5th Brigade Can. Field Artillery (also known as Greenoe) (died of wounds) August 16, 1918 Saulnier, Irwin C. 85th Battalion (wounded August 10 at Amiens) August 26, 1918 Harris, Louis 3rd Canadian Machine Company/ Canadian Army Medical Corps ((killed in action) August 26, 1918 Hatfield, George W. RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) (killed in action) August 27, 1918 Muise, John R. 25th Battalion August 27, 1918 Ricker, James A. RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) September 2, 1918 Murphy, Roy Vincent 237th Battalion / 97th Battalion / RCR / PPCLI September 2, 1918 Doane, James F. 85th Battalion (wounded September 1916; killed in action 1918) September 2, 1918 Eldridge, Harry B. 78th Battalion (killed in action Drocourt-Queant Line) September 2, 1918 Whitman, George R. 85th Battalion (killed in action) September 6, 1918 Doucette, Celestin 219th Battalion/17th Reserve Battalion/47th Battalion September 10, 1918 Giles, Thomas 40th/25th Battalion/2nd Battalion Canadian Machine Gun (killed in action) September 10, 1918 Hilton, Edward F. 3rd Brigade, Canadian Garrison Artillery (died of wounds) September 15, 1918 Donahoe, John 25th Battalion (gassed; discharged February 1917; returned to Yarmouth) September 26, 1918 Mathews, Edgar K.S. U.S. 27th Division “M” Company 106th Regiment of Infantry September 27, 1918 Bourque, Emilien 85th Battalion (known as Burke) September 27, 1918 Thimot, Odelpha 14th Battalion (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) September 28, 1918 Goodwin, Caleb 237th Canadian Infantry Battalion/PPCLI (killed in action) September 28, 1918 Marshall, Lloyd H. RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) September 29, 1918 Amirault, Louis R. 85th Battalion - “A” Company (enlisted at 16; wounded September 27, 1918) September 29, 1918 Smith, Lloyd US Army 5th Company 2nd Training Battalion, 151st Depot Brigade (died of illness; Camp Devens, MA) September 30, 1918 Sinclair, Jesse 58th Reserve Battalion (killed while on parade by German aircraft bombing) October 1, 1918 Andrews, Alexander Carl United States Navy (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) October 1, 1918 Chisholm, Colin F. 10th Canadian Railways Troops (died of accidental injuries France) October 1, 1918 Williams, Charles Henry Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) October 1, 1918 Muise, Arthur RCR (Royal Canadian Regiment) October 4, 1918 Jeffery, Joseph B. 85th Battalion (died of wounds October 8, 1918 Amirault, Ernest J. 65th Battalion/1st Canadian Trench Mortar Battery October 9, 1918 Cann, James A. Fort Garry Horse October 10, 1918 Doucette, Anthony 25th Battalion (wounded France) October 12, 1918 Smith, Robert Leslie 4th Middlesex Regiment, D Company 14th Platoon (killed in action) October 14, 1918 Suttie, J. Harold 10th Siege Battery 1st Brigade, Canadian Field Artillery/4th Siege Battery 3rd Brigade Canadian Garrison Artillery (twice wounded; died of wounds/illness) October 18, 1918 Fitzgerald, Robert E. US Army, Quartermaster Corps, Railway Division (died of illness, France) October 20, 1918 Ryder, Clayton US Navy - SS Calvin Austin (died of illness, Cory Hill Hospital, East Boston, MA) October 21, 1918 Harding, William Lawrence 1st Depot Battalion (died of illness, Cogswell Military Hospital, Halifax NS) October 21, 1918 Muise, Peter Canadian Forestry Corps (died in No 7 General Hospital, Le Treport; illness) October 22, 1918 Withycombe, Keith Dalston Royal Field Artillery “D” Battery 51st Brigade October 27, 1918 Higby, Ivan V. 101st Regiment, 26th Division, American Expeditionary Force (killed in action) October 28, 1918 Farish, George Collins 25th Battalion (died of illness Halifax) October 31, 1918 Johnson, Alfred L. 17th Reserve Battalion (died of illness in hospital Bramshott, England) November 11, 1918 Sholds, Clarence Melvin RCR / 112th Battalion / 26th Reserve Battalion (Not Listed on Yarmouth War Memorial) November 27, 1918 Redmond, Frederick Suresnes American Cemetery, Suresnes, France December 20, 1918 Bertrand, Dennis 64th Battalion December 8, 1918 Muise, Cyril William St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Cemetery, Digby, NS (Not Listed on Memorial) December 21, 1918 Vickery, Alexander Jacob Canadian Forestry Corps; 76th Company, CFC (died of illness; buried in Eclaron Communal Cemetery, France) February 5, 1919 Travis, Gordon R. 112th Battalion/ Canadian Railway Troops (5th Battalion, Canadian Railway Troops; died of war related illness in hospital at Le Havre, France; aged 21) February 12, 1919 Foulis, George I. 2nd Pioneers (wounded June 1916) (died post war February 12, 1919) March 3, 1919 Churchill, Nathan L. 85th Battalion July 15, 1919 Berriman, Percy A. 1st Depot Battalion/17th Reserve (died of illness in England) July 25, 1919 Muise, Benjamin Archibald Ste-Famille Roman Catholic Cemetery, Amirault’s Hill, NS (Not Listed on Memorial) January 13, 1920 Taylor, Howard W. 219th Battalion/17th Reserve Battalion. (injured in England; discharged May 26, 1919; April 22, 1920 Lawrence, Louis 219th Battalion/ Canadian Forestry Corps died in Kentville Sanatorium) May 7,1921 Muise, John E. Unknown unit; died at home in Surette’s Island May 14,1921 Muise, Albert J. Recruit (post-war accident) (known also as Charles Joseph/Joseph Henry) September 26, 1921 Suttie, Ray Dalton 40th Battalion (died at home; enlisted August 7, 1915; medical discharge December 6 1916 at Montreal) March 7, 1922 Hubbard, George Edward 25th Battalion unknown date of death Titus, William Canadian Army Medical Corps/9th and 3rd Field Ambulance; medical discharge July 7, 1919; died post-war) November 25, 1922 Roy, J. Henry (Veteran Boer War) 58th Howitzer Battery/1st Brigade Canadian Field Artillery/Labour Pool Canadian Army Service Corps. (died November 25, 1922) unknown date of death Price, George E (unknown) unknown date of death Keen, Harold U.S. Army (known as Donald Keen) unknown date of death Murree, Ralph L. (unknown Battalion) unknown date of death Muise, John F. (Veteran Boer War) British Army (died post war) Crowell, Thomas D (unknown; name listed in error on the Yarmouth War Memorial) d'Entremont, William A (unknown; name listed in error on the Yarmouth War Memorial)
The following are those men and women with a connection to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, who died during World War I (1914-1918) or post war and are listed on the Yarmouth Memorial. The names are listed by year and date of death in three categories (Killed in Action; Died of Illness; Post War Death). There are five individuals listed with unknown date of death and two names listed in error on the Memorial.
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