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Wartime Letters Show A Longing For Christmas At Home   Article in The Vanguard (Yarmouth NS) December 2008 Christmas   to   those   serving   in   the   Second   World   War   was   a   time   when   soldiers   were   separated   from   their   families.   What   follows   are   extracts   from   letters sent   by   Cpl.   John   Woodruff   to   his   wife   Mildred   who   resided   in   the   north   end   of Yarmouth.   The   letters   from   which   these   extracts   were   taken   were   written around   Christmas   when   he   was   serving   overseas   and   illustrate   his   longing   to   be home   for   Christmas.   The   letters   are   part   of   the   collection   of   the   Wartime Heritage   Association,   based   in   Yarmouth.   The   Association   has   an   extensive collection   of   artefacts,   letters,   logbooks   and   photos   that   are   sent   to   them   by people from around the world upon learning about the Association’s work. Dec. 21, 1943 It   is   almost   Xmas   and   no   snow.   All   we   get   is   rain.   Well   dear,   I   sure   hope   and pray we are all together this time next year. Dec. 24 and 25, 1943 Say   hello   to   the   folks   for   me.   Sure   would   have   like   to   have   spent   today   with you. Here it is Xmas…doesn’t look much like it around here. December, 1944 Well   here   we   are   only   a   few   days   before   Xmas,   I   would   love   to   be   right   there   with   you.   But   as   I   said   last   year   maybe   we   will   be together   for   the   next   one.   I   hope   and   pray.   It   sure   will   be   a   swell   treat   when   we   can   get   back   to   living   again   and   in   a   place   of   our own. So I can have some of your good cooked meals. The   corporal   and   I   have   been   trying   to   buy   some   turkeys   so   we   can   give   the   boys   in   our   sections   a   good   Xmas   feed   but   I   guess   we   are out   of   luck,   as   the   farmers   over   here   don’t   want   to   sell   us   any.   We   are   going   to   have   a   midnight   mass,   so   I   think   I   will   do   that   as   I might not be able to get to church Xmas Day. I   remember   my   first   Xmas   in   the   army.   I   sure   hated   to   see   you   go   home   a   week   ahead   of   me.   Well   dear   in   years   to   come   we   will   sit   by the fireside and talk about all this time we spent away from each other. Dec. 25, 1944 Well   dear   this   is   the   big   day.   I   sure   would   love   to   be   there   with   you.      I   sure   hope   and   pray   that   we   will   be   together   for   the   next   one so we can just look back at this like a dream. I   would   like   to   put   my   arms   around   you…   well   I   sure   hope   you   had   a   swell   Xmas.   We   will   be   together   for   the   next   one   if   God   is   willing and I think he will be. Dec. 23, 1945 Well   dear,   here   I   am   again.   Sure   would   love   to   be   there   with   you.   But   if   everything   is   right   what   they   say,   I   will   be   home   on   the   last of   January.   So   we   will   be   able   to   celebrate   our   anniversary.   Well,   I   suppose   you   will   be   pretty   busy   over   Xmas   and   New   Years   with   all the   family   home.   I   sure   would   love   to   be   there   myself.   But   we   will   have   to   make   up   next   Xmas   for   the   ones   we   have   missed   together. We are pretty busy getting the trucks ready to be turned in and trying to get things ready for Xmas. We have a swell cook so we will have a wonderful Xmas dinner. He has been working pretty hard to get extra things for us. I hope to be walking down the street again soon with you. Say hello to the family for me.     [Content   for   the   article   was   supplied   by   the   Wartime   Heritage Association   from   the   letters   of   John   Woodruff   on   loan   to   the   Wartime Heritage Association]
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Wartime Letters Show A Longing For Christmas At Home
Corporal John Woodruff