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Unlocking the Mysteries of a Name (The Vanguard November 2010)
The Young Merchant Mariner Maxwell Mosher On the moonless blustery night of June 14- 15, 1943, the M/S Høegh Silverdawn, steamed at 13 knots through choppy waters of the Indian Ocean off the Cocas (Keeling) Islands.
On June 25, 1942 the Canadian External Affairs Department in Ottawa announced the twenty-eight names of Canadian nationals reported to have sailed from Japanese occupied Hong Kong, and various parts of China, including Shanghai, …
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The Algonquin Regiment A Photo Collection Enlisting in Timmons, Ontario on August 8, 1940, Private Gilbert Bell served with “D” Company of the Algonquin Regiment and was a member of the Bugle Band. He played both drum and bugle. Photos of “D” Company and the Bugle Band of the Algonquin Regiment taken during training in Canada. updated May 1, 2017
The SS Torondoc  Remembering Joseph Cottreau On May 21, 1942 the ship was moving unescorted sixty miles north west of Martinique with a cargo of bauxite on route from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands to Trinidad …
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The SS Western Head Remembering the Lost On May 28, 1942 the unescorted SS Western Head was approximately fifty miles east of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba sailing from Kingston, Jamaica to Montreal,  in Canada …
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The Button May 4th is Remembrance Day in the Netherlands.  On this day in 2017, Maarten Boersen,  in a Church Service in Hoogland, the Netherlands, shared his memory of a story told to him by his father …
Air Crash of Vega Ventura AE 932 November 20, 1942 The fatal flight was en route from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia to RCAF Station Yarmouth when it crashed 4 miles north- east of Caledonia, Queens, Co., Nova Scotia. 
SS Illinois United States Merchant Freighter June 2, 1942 On the night of June 2, 1942 the US Merchant Freighter, SS Illinois was steaming unescorted at ten knots about four hundred miles north-east of Puerto Rico.
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HMS Liverpool Remembering  Cyril James Clement, June 14, 1942 HMS Liverpool sailed for the Mediterranean  on  June 5, 1942 for Operation Harpoon, a resupply convoy to Malta.
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and the Nova Scotia Casualties
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Sixteen of the crew from Nova Scotia were lost when HMCS Ottawa was torpedoed.
added September 24, 2017
 Notes from his wartime memoirs and photos from his time at East Camp, Yarmouth, during 1943.
The night of October 13 was dark and moonless as the SS Caribou made its way from North Sydney, Cape Breton … added October 10, 2017
A Remembrance of the eleven crew from Nova Scotia who lost their lives  … added October 20, 2017
A Remembrance of three Navy Personnel  from Nova Scotia who lost their lives  … added October 21, 2017
Christmas Eve - Holten Canadian War Cemetery Remembering Nova Scotia Casualties added December, 2016
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Air Raid on Bournemouth May 23, 1943 added May 23,  2018
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Remembering seven from Nova Scotia that loss their lives in the sinking of the Otter
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The Story of a Derelict Lifeboat On Thursday, June 20, 1940, two Yarmouth fishermen towed a derelict lifeboat into Yarmouth harbour.
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