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Air Crash of Vega Ventura AE 932 November 20, 1942 The fatal flight was en route from Dartmouth Nova Scotia to RCAF Station Yarmouth when it crashed 4 miles north-east of Caledonia, Queens, Co., Nova Scotia at 2130 hours. The plane was carrying hydraulic oil from Dartmouth to Yarmouth. At the time of take-off there was a ceiling of 500 ft. with a visibility of 3 to 4 miles and raining moderately. At the time of crash there was drizzle rain and low clouds and a visibility of 4 to 5 miles. Sgt. Pedlar was detailed to fly but he asked the Commanding Officer if he could change with Sgt. Male as there was a Mess party that night and he needed to get his uniform cleaned and pressed. It was ok’d and the crew prepared to take off. Jim Rennie was also to go along, but he went back to his billet for an overnight bag and in the meantime, the flight took off without him. As it happened, fate took a hand and spared his life as the plane crashed. The crew, and aircraft, were with Royal Air Force 34 Operational Training Unit (RAF 34 OTU). See: Crash Casualties The casualties are buried at the Mountain Cemetery in Yarmouth, NS.
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Vega Ventura AE 932
Armourers and the Gun from the crash
Photos are from the site taken shortly after the crash. photos: Wartime Heritage collection
Crash site Vega Ventura AE 932 November 20, 1942