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Remembered at Christmas
Four Casualties from Yarmouth Nova Scotia are buried at Holten Cemetery, Netherlands Private  William Howard Grant Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C. Service No: F/64768 Died: April 13, 1945   Son of Edward Blake Grant and Mary Regina Grant and husband of Doris Pauline Grant, of Yarmouth North, Nova Scotia. Lance Corporal Paul Henry Hubbard Algonquin Regiment, R.C.I.C. Service No: F/58209 Died on April 18, 1945 Age: 19 Son of Mondie E. and Addie M. Hubbard, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Corporal Harold Archibald Kenney Royal Hamilton Light Infantry, R.C.I.C. ervice No: G/24242 Died on April 13, 1945 Age 23  Son of Harold Archibald and Eva Lillian Kenney ( Quincy, Mass. US)  and husband of Vera Beurle Kenney, of Saint John, New Brunswick. Lance Corporal Percy James Robicheau North Shore (New Brunswick) Regiment, R.C.I.C. Service No: F/8850 Died on April 5, 1945, Aged 27 Son of James and Susan Robicheau and husband of Martha Mary Robicheau, of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia Additional Information: Veterans Affairs Canada http://canadianheroes.org/loren/holten98.htm  http://capebretonhighlandersassociation.ca/Canadian%20War%20Cemeteries.htm
School   children   go   to   the   Canadian   War   Cemetery   in Holten,   The   Netherlands,   on   the   night   before   Christmas   to place   candles   on   the   graves   of   all   fallen   soldiers.   The   flames of   the   candles   keep   vigil   there   until   midnight   and   put   the cemetery in an impressive yellow light. This   idea   came   from   Mrs.   Van   Dam,   born   in   Finland   and living   in   Holten.   This   is   a   custom   introduced   from   her   native country.   More   than   1,500   candle   lights   give   the   cemetery   an impressive look. The   1347   Canadians   who   are   buried   in   Holten   nearly   all died   during   the   last   stages   of   the   war   in   Holland   and   during the advance of the Canadian 2nd Corps into Germany.
Remembered at Christmas