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Wartime Heritage Commemorates the 66th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Netherlands May 5, 2011   The   Liberation   of   the   Netherlands,   from   September   1944   -   April   1945,   played   a   key   role   in   the   culmination   of   the   Second   World   War,   as   the Allied   forces   closed   in on   Germany   from   all   sides.   The   First   Canadian   Army   played   a   major   part   in   the liberation   of   the   Dutch   people   who   had   suffered   terrible   hunger   and   hardship under the increasingly desperate German occupiers. The   liberation   began   with   the   opening   of   the   Scheldt   estuary,   primarily   by   the Canadian   troops.   Then,   in   February   1945,   Canadians   were   part   of   an Allied   effort to   push   German   forces   back   beyond   the   Rhine   River.   On   April   28,   the   Canadians negotiated    a    truce    which    permitted    relief    supplies    to    enter    the    western Netherlands   and   end   the   "Hunger   Winter."   On   May   5,   1945,   all   German   forces   in the country surrendered. Virtually   every   Canadian   serving   overseas   at   the   end   of   the   Second   World   War participated    in    the    Liberation    of    the    Netherlands    and    Canada's    important contributions   helped   lay   the   foundation   for   a   special   relationship   between   our two countries that exists to this day. We remember the contributions of all who served and those who made the supreme sacrifice. For more information on Canada's contribution to the Liberation of the Netherlands, visit: http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/sub.cfm?source=history/secondwar/netherlands
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The Liberation of the Netherlands
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