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During the May, 2004 “Time To Remember” British Performance Tour, 440 Productions filmed scenes overlooking the white cliffs near Dover. Since 1995, with few exceptions, all stage and video productions of The Wartime Heritage Association (440 Productions) included a scene overlooking the English Channel near the white cliffs of Dover. The wartime productions were inspired by the many war songs of Dame Vera Lynn - the “sweetheart of the Canadian Forces”. The song “The White Cliffs of Dover” has been included in every stage and video production. Recreating the “cliffs of Dover” in South Western Nova Scotia was a challenge despite the endless shoreline of the area. When the performance tour was arranged and it included the Dover area it seemed essential that we film several of the earlier production scenes “on location”. Two scenes were filmed on May 18th. The first was a non-dialogue scene with Sarah Rogers and Ben Medel; the second scene with Ben Medel and Ian d’Entremont included dialogue. With two cameras and microphones, Jason Dalton and Kasey Forbes filmed several takes of each scene. The location was overlooking the white chalk cliffs near the Battle of Britain Memorial on the Folkestone Road. The experience fulfilled a long held desire by cast and crews of 440 Productions. The Gallery contains still-shots from the filming session.
440 Productions - Filming in Kent, UK (2004)
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440 Productions Filming in Kent (2004)